Darcy+Joey: Cape Kiwanda Adventure

In May, I went to Cape Kiwanda on the Oregon coast and I never wanted to leave. I am a constant victim of Instagram wanderlust and this is one of the places that always gives me gaga eyes when it pops up on a photographers feed. Shooting there was a dream. I met Darcy and Joey in the parking lot of a beach where my second son Wiley (pictured below from that day)and I were eating blue popsicles.

The day was not what I expected, as usual. It ended up being really cloudy and foggy when I had pictured a rich and warm sunset. I dressed myself and my kids in our summer best that day because I’m not that bright and decided that since it was 80 in Portland where we were staying, it must be 80 at Cape Kiwanda as well. We all ended up freezing our asses off in 50 degree weather but spent the day playing in the sand and eating snow cones nonetheless. This couples session was my first in Oregon and also marked my first time on the Oregon coast. Darcy gave me the old “good luck, we’re SO awkward” line right off the bat and immediately contradicted herself the second we started shooting. The chemistry is undeniable, even in front of a stranger with a camera, and I have found that the more ridiculous people feel, the better the photos because they laugh and fidget the entire time. Joey had me laughing along the way, and the three of us spent a couple hours climbing rocks, chasing crashing waves and rolling in the sand.

I am so grateful to you two for this experience and I cannot wait to document your wedding next summer.


You two <3

July 5, 2017

Jo and Matt: Washington Adventure

More couples photos coming in hot. Jo and I met on Instagram. I feel like every blog post includes this sentence, but it hass become something of a pattern in my life. Jo and I have an instafriendship situation, not only because we met on IG but because we clicked right off the bat. She is a successful photographer in her own right, and came with her curly-haired boyfriend, Matt, all the way from Arkansas for a taste of the great PNW. I met them in Vantage (with two kids in tow) on my way back from where I was working in the San Juan islands and we played in some sand, irritated some truck drivers and took a dip (Them, not me. That’s a hard pass) in the ice cold Columbia river. These two were down for absolutely anything and I had the best time watching them interact with each other. I had Wiley, my second son (who also has an amazing mop of curls) with us and Jo and I decided that Matt was what Wiley will look like in the future so we made them take a picture together (which I wanted to post but can’t find now. Sad.) When I was editing these photos, Wiley was sitting on my lap and pointed to Matt with a “hey mama. I member him. That guy has curwy haiw wike me. We played at the sand dunes.”  The little dude remembers all apparently.


So anyway, aside from making a lasting impression on my spawn, Jo and Matt made me feel very free to create what I wanted and went with every little whim of mine, including standing on the side of the freeway, making out while getting honked at by truck drivers. Every girls dream.


I adore you two. You know this. Thank you endlessly for asking me to do this with you. <3


Check out their love film:




And now their (many many) photos:




Safety first, then teamwork.



June 26, 2017

Lauren+Max: At Home// Seattle

Lauren and Max invited me into their beautiful apartment on a rainy (surprise) Seattle morning to document their first home before they move. I got a $43 parking ticket in the garage underneath their building because a lady would not buy me a parking pass on her card in exchange for a $10 bill (she would have doubled her money) after I left my wallet in the hotel room and the machine wouldn’t take cash. If it were me and anyone asked me to do that, I would gladly, and I’m still mad at her and she can STILL kiss it.  I spent the walk up to their building muttering to myselfunder my breath and cursing the woman with many parking tickets in the future.

We spent the morning running around their apartment, laughing as Max serenaded his woman with some female pop singers newest hit and talking about how they would miss the Pony Club next door where the parties were raging everyday Sunday as the gay men in the area danced the night away to DJ Kitty Glitter (Actual name). I love Seattle so much.


I thank you so much Lauren and Max for inviting me into your home for this lovely experience. I had the best time with you guys.


Remember, safety first then teamwork.







June 22, 2017

Charlotte and Josh: At Home

More couples photos for your eyeballs. So I scoffed at Google maps when it told me a mile walk to Charlotte and Joshs’ Seattle apartment was 30 minutes from my hotel. Like for real, 30 minutes to walk a mile with fully able legs? Turned out to be no joke. And I don’t skip leg day. It was uphill both ways and I got shin splints. Am I exaggerating? Maybe about the topography but not about the shin splints. This place was FRIGGEN AMAZING. She legit has a shark hanging in her living room. A shark. Over her mantle. With a Christmas bow on it. I am not worthy of this level of coolness because I just don’t have even a fraction of it. The more in home couples photos I take the more I realize I am literally the worst at home design and I have no imagination. Some of the things that people put into their houses absolutely blows me away. I buy such a hodgepodge of items and then end up sticking them in a closet because I have no idea whatsoever how to use them as a collective grouping in a way that will look good. Bottom line, I blow at home decor.

Charlotte and I are another example of the crazy irritating yet wonderful world of Instagram. We connected on there and the rest is history. If you want to follow her amazing IG account and get your wanderlust on, you can  just click here . I loved hanging with them and they even walked me over to the local coffee shop for some brew (the caffeinated type. Not the hops type. It was before noon.)


At any rate, I love love love in home couples photos!! I especially love these and I hope that you do too. Enjoy this big ass blog post





June 6, 2017

Liz+Michael: At Home

This is going to be a long blog post so consider yourself warned. Liz and Michael invited me into their cute downtown apartment for some snuggle time. If you haven’t already noticed, in home sessions are my favorite. I love them for a number of reasons but mostly because people are so comfortable in their own home, they forget the camera sooner rather than later. Sometimes after shots, but in this case not. Add in some hot folks and some serious style and you have the following photos. I love that a lot of couples are opting for in home documentary style lifestyle sessions over traditional style portraits. These couples are  not only preserving memories of their relationship but documenting what is usually their first home in the process, which I thinks make the images even more of a priceless heirloom. We also made a little film of this in home session, which you can not find here due to technical issues that I’m not currently in the mood to deal with, but you can check it out on my Instagram account @laurkenkendall Look for a black square with a little camera symbol on it.

Anyway, enjoy the hotness below. Thanks for visiting and remember, safety first then teamwork.


<3 L



May 20, 2017

Liz+Michael// Stormy Field Engagements

If you follow me on Instagram you might have caught me talking about that time I was shooting a session and SET MY LENS DOWN IN A FIELD. A day I would just as soon forget as we  spent pretty much 75% of the good light combing over every inch of grass until my eyes were blurring and everything started to look the same. Seriously,who sets their lens down like that?! As lenses go, this one would have been a particular loss, especially painful on the wallet, and I kind of went numb from what I think might have been shock. After searching for awhile, we went back to shooting photos because the sun was already below the horizon and once we finished up, we went back into the field, the three of us, Liz, myself and Michael, attempting to retrace our every footsteps. I was ready to call it quits and head home when Liz started shouting that she’d found it. I will love her forever for that. We definitely did an instant replay for her Instagram story  as well to commemorate the amazing find.


These two are gorgeous and super sweet. They will be on the blog again when I add their in home session in the next couple weeks so be looking out for them!





May 9, 2017

Vlad+Jules// Palouse Falls Engagements

I cannot get over the fact that there are people out there walking around with faces like these.  I was in awe when I saw these two for the first time. They actually hang in a gaggle of hot Russians, all of whom I met during the day below, one of whom is Jule’s equally smoking hot sister who will also live on my site in photos in the near future. At any rate, we decided to check out Palouse Falls which was a first for me, a fact I’m ashamed of as I live in the Palouse but I have three kids and cant keep up so I give myself a pass. The water was seriously raging after all the snow/rain runoff we’ve experienced but there were so many people that we couldn’t actually get down in there close enough. Also, you wouldn’t get to see it here anyway (except for in the little film below) because I didnt take a picture of it. I’m a photographer who went with my camera to a beautiful waterfall and didnt take a photo of it. Thats just who I am as a person.

What I did manage to take were photos of this beautiful couple. I hope you dig them as much as I do.


Check out the little film first:



Thanks for visiting. Remember, safety first then teamwork. <3 L


April 21, 2017

Hannah+Cole// Ranch Proposal

Ahhh! My first proposal story and I even made a little film (you can check it below). So here’s how this went down, cliffs notes style: Cole asked me to photograph proposal, I asked Hannah to be in a couples shoot with Cole, she said yes and then she really said YES. She was totally shocked and I was super proud of myself for being the tricky trickster that I am. Proposals are a/ beautiful and b/ my new favorite type of story. Hannah and Cole have an amazing friendship and are the kind of people you want to unfollow on Facebook because they’re constantly posting about how much they love each other (I know them personally, and always drop an eye roll emoji in the comments. Its become something of game we play) and they are one of those hard and fast love stories that we all hear about but most don’t ever get to experience. I’m not a real emotional human, but I nearly let a tear fall during Cole’s heartfelt letter to Hannah, asking her to be his lobster (if you don’t know Friends, I can’t help you) forever and ever. He cried, she cried, I almost almost cried. It was a beautiful thing to experience and I feel super privileged that Cole asked me to come along.

We played around for a while and then went and lit  some wood on fire for a quick cuddle before the big moment. I was seriously a ball of nerves for Cole so I can’t imagine what that dude was going through. He pulled it off beautifully and even picked the perfect ring, which she stared at  all the way home.

So anyway, now these two crazy kids are getting married and I’ll also be there for that next summer so stay tuned for some lovely photographic memories.


PS: I had lots of feedback on this little love film and the general consensus is that it makes people feel things, so don’t watch if your mascara isn’t waterproof.

<3 L



April 14, 2017

Payton+Brian// At Home

First of all, everyone needs to know that the adorable Basset’s name is Meat, which is probably the greatest thing you could name a dog shaped like a thick sausage with droopy ears. Payton and Brian have the most amazing space, complete with the concrete counter tops of my dreams. They have poured so much love into their place and you can really feel it when you’re in there. We spent some time teaching each other new phrases, which I wont get into here because..well because, and listening to early 2000’s hip hop which of course led to me showing off my incredible rapping skills. People always stare when I start rapping which means I’m good, right? I choose to believe so. Anyway, we spent some time taking about their upcoming June wedding and of course, loving me some Meat. Then we went outside for the very first sunset I’ve seen all year, even if it was just a tiny one.


The beautiful bouquet you see here was provided by the floral fairy Christen of @dragonflowerdesign on Instagram. If you’re looking for someone to green up your wedding, then go to this website. Like now.


Pay + Bri. You two made me so happy. Can’t wait to party with you guys on your wedding night like its 2002.


Enjoy their love in the film below too:


March 24, 2017

Marie+ Luke // Spokane, WA

There are some people who are, to quote Zoolander, “ridiculously, ridiculously good looking” (insert your best Blue Steele here), such as Marie and Luke. I literally could not stop touching and smelling (smelled like flowers and cotton candy rolled into one) Luke’s incredible man mane. It is the silkiest hair in all the land so I thought he was FOR SURE lathering that baby up with some designer shampoo at $40/oz but when I asked he said he uses Kirklands from Costco. Goodbye Pureology. I quit you.


These two are not only gorgeous and world traveled but they also paint on canvas together, as in team painting, as in art for two. The only things my husband and I do together include the television. Just when I thought they couldn’t get any more perfect, the shirts came off to reveal chiseled tummies and zero spare tires. Some people just have it all, I guess. Thank you guys for letting me stalk you for a day, I dig you both and had the best time hanging in your perfectly curated cottage.


Note: For the photogs out there, the outdoor photos were shot int 1130 in the morning in the full fury of the blazing sun. If I can do it, you definitely can. Embrace the crappy daytime light.


Also, made a Love Film. Check it.





March 5, 2017