More couples photos for your eyeballs. So I scoffed at Google maps when it told me a mile walk to Charlotte and Joshs’ Seattle apartment was 30 minutes from my hotel. Like for real, 30 minutes to walk a mile with fully able legs? Turned out to be no joke. And I don’t skip leg day. It was uphill both ways and I got shin splints. Am I exaggerating? Maybe about the topography but not about the shin splints. This place was FRIGGEN AMAZING. She legit has a shark hanging in her living room. A shark. Over her mantle. With a Christmas bow on it. I am not worthy of this level of coolness because I just don’t have even a fraction of it. The more in home couples photos I take the more I realize I am literally the worst at home design and I have no imagination. Some of the things that people put into their houses absolutely blows me away. I buy such a hodgepodge of items and then end up sticking them in a closet because I have no idea whatsoever how to use them as a collective grouping in a way that will look good. Bottom line, I blow at home decor.

Charlotte and I are another example of the crazy irritating yet wonderful world of Instagram. We connected on there and the rest is history. If you want to follow her amazing IG account and get your wanderlust on, you can  just click here . I loved hanging with them and they even walked me over to the local coffee shop for some brew (the caffeinated type. Not the hops type. It was before noon.)


At any rate, I love love love in home couples photos!! I especially love these and I hope that you do too. Enjoy this big ass blog post





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