Let’s go somewhere together. Let’s adventure and hike. You chase your lover through a field barefoot and I’ll do the rest. If you’re willing to wrap around each other, touch and kiss and reflect on your relationship, then I am the chick for you.  I like to always challenge myself to try new things and document the uniqueness of the couples that come into my life. If you want to see yourself through my eyes, I would love to take an adventure with you. If you are here looking for someone to repeat Pinterest photos for a bargain price, then I am probably not the best fit for you. I put pieces of myself into each photo I take. I am not here to provide a service, I am here to make you a piece of my life’s art. This is my great passion, and I would love to share it with you. I am also happy to now be accepting weddings. You will get all the happy family photos, the bridal party, the details and the venue but you also get the in-between, the movement and the emotion. Trust me, I’ve got you. Let’s make something beautiful.

2017 Pricing

*All Weddings Require 30% Retainer to Book

Washington Weddings start at $2850

Out of State Weddings $3900

Destination Weddings  $4800

Couples Sessions $400