Let’s go somewhere together.  You chase your lover through a field barefoot and I’ll do the rest. If you’re willing to deal with me going to any length to get a reaction from you, we are made to be together.  If you’re not scared to wrap around each other, touch and kiss and reflect on your relationship, then I am the one for you.  I like to always challenge myself to try new things and document the uniqueness of the couples that come into my life. Sometimes couples need calm and quiet to achieve emotional interaction and sometimes they need to meow like cats and claw at each other. If you want to see yourself through my eyes, I would love to take an adventure with you. If you are here looking for someone to repeat Pinterest photos for a bargain price, then I am not for you. I put pieces of myself into each photo I take. I am not here to provide a service, I am here to make you a piece of my life’s art. This is my great passion, and I would love to share it with you.

2018 Pricing

*All Weddings Require 30% Retainer to Book

Full day wedding coverage starts at $3600

Continental US Weddings start at $4400

International Weddings start at  $5000

Couples Sessions $600