This is a perfect example of how to dress your family for photos. Brittny is smoking hot in her gorgeous print dress and don’t get me started on the daughter envy I have after this one. Stephen is in the service, which makes him one of my favorite kinds of people. Brit really wanted to capture that fall feel so we mixed it up in the lovely Manito greenhouse for a bit and then headed down to the street to play in the leaves. The houses on the South Hill are amazing, but even more so this time of year. I wanted to knock on some doors with a “hey, can I just look around for like 2 minutes. Won’t steal anything, promise.” We were actually skipping along, minding our own business with someone took a corner too fast and slid on the wet leaves into a suburban right behind us. Lesson learned on the dangers of wet foliage when driving.

Thank you Ramirez family for letting me adventure with you for a day.

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July 27, 2017
Yo#;u39&ve got THE most incredible sense of style! Another fantastic look pulled together by you - not that I'm surprised - every one that you put together is a winner!Ali x