Ahhh! My first proposal story and I even made a little film (you can check it below). So here’s how this went down, cliffs notes style: Cole asked me to photograph proposal, I asked Hannah to be in a couples shoot with Cole, she said yes and then she really said YES. She was totally shocked and I was super proud of myself for being the tricky trickster that I am. Proposals are a/ beautiful and b/ my new favorite type of story. Hannah and Cole have an amazing friendship and are the kind of people you want to unfollow on Facebook because they’re constantly posting about how much they love each other (I know them personally, and always drop an eye roll emoji in the comments. Its become something of game we play) and they are one of those hard and fast love stories that we all hear about but most don’t ever get to experience. I’m not a real emotional human, but I nearly let a tear fall during Cole’s heartfelt letter to Hannah, asking her to be his lobster (if you don’t know Friends, I can’t help you) forever and ever. He cried, she cried, I almost almost cried. It was a beautiful thing to experience and I feel super privileged that Cole asked me to come along.

We played around for a while and then went and lit  some wood on fire for a quick cuddle before the big moment. I was seriously a ball of nerves for Cole so I can’t imagine what that dude was going through. He pulled it off beautifully and even picked the perfect ring, which she stared at  all the way home.

So anyway, now these two crazy kids are getting married and I’ll also be there for that next summer so stay tuned for some lovely photographic memories.


PS: I had lots of feedback on this little love film and the general consensus is that it makes people feel things, so don’t watch if your mascara isn’t waterproof.

<3 L



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