So, first of all, I fan girl over this chick right here. Not only is she an awesome photographer herself, but her soothing singing voice makes me want to curl up in a little Laurken ball and sleep for a good 52 hours. If you don’t already know, get on iTunes or whatever you use to stream your music and download The Sweeplings, her incredible duo. I listen to them a lot while I edit and often to drown out a baby who screams all day for no apparent reason or a toddler singing the Batman song intro on repeat, like all day. Her sweet hubby Eric is also a talented musician who serenaded me with a guitar while I snapped away. Their dog didnt like me and their cat kept staring at me. Love these two anyway.


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Dawn Ritzenthaler
November 3, 2016
WOW!!!! Your photography is amazing! Your eye for catching a moment and the lighting is fantastic! Beautiful and breath taking. You truly have a gift. Cami and Eric are so photogenic.
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