Instagram is a glorious piece of social ingenuity. I meet so many people through that medium, it makes my head spin. Kelly and Zach are shining examples. They welcomed me into their ridiculously stylish home for an afternoon of whiskey, chase and of course, love.  I also took the opportunity to make my very first Love Film (there will be more!!) and am so excited about it.Film is something I’ve worked with in the past (my oldest son is a wannabe Youtube star, always having me make Farming Simulator videos) but never in my work. All month long I had been thinking about making films and decided when I landed on Kelly and Zach’s doorstep that it would be the day I’d do it.  So here it is, my first Love Film and a day with these two newlyweds.



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[…] for even more camaraderie. I also decided to make another Love Film (check out the first one here), a side passion that has found its way into my “work” life (this isn’t really […]
July 27, 2017
Me and this article, sitting in a tree, L-AN--REN-I---G!