First of all, can I just say something. I want to talk to you.  My relationship to my clients is always on a human- to- human level. I am not a business minded robot looking to only provide a service, take my check and be on my way. I am looking for people to enrich my life as I enrich theirs. I want to collect my tribe along my photographic journey. Your story becomes my story. I want to be with you during every intimate moment of this very important day in your life and I want to hug your neck and wish it wasn’t ending when I go to leave. I am never just the photographer in the background. I am at your side, in front of or behind you. I am pouring shots for groomsmen before photos, I am keeping track of your timeline and checking that you don’t have lipstick on your teeth. I’m holding your dress in the bathroom when you need to pee. I am your friend and the relationship I have with my clients, especially my brides and grooms, is sacred to me.

Here are the basics.


Full wedding documentary services start at $3,600 (travel fee will apply to Western WA). Outside of WA services start $4100 and International weddings start at $5000. My travel wedding fees can vary on a case to case basis so get in touch with me here or email to get all the correct information.

{love stories}

These are Engagement, Anniversary and Family sessions. They include digital downloads in a private viewing gallery, with shoots typically lasting up to two hours.


{adventure bridals}

I wish I could force everyone to do these but all I can do is tell you that you will someday regret not doing them.  The two of you put on your wedding attire, we adventure somewhere beautiful and wild of your choosing and let the rest unfold authentically. Mountain? Waterfall? Desert? Canyon?  Where you go, I will follow.  Typically done before the wedding and used as an opportunity for a  “first look”, this type of session allows for a more intimate environment to take bridal photos. The pressure is off, there is no timeline to follow and you are standing in a beautiful place with your new spouse, soaking each other in. These can also be done after the wedding.