I don’t even know what to say right now. It’s late and I’m exhausted but I have to put these photos out into the universe right now.


The Jamison’s are clearly beautiful, but most importantly, they are kind and were so trusting,  two of the top qualities I look for in people that I photograph. I never want to be a hired hand with a disgustingly (like gag me, why does this cost so much) expensive camera, tasked with taking posed photos from a list compiled off of the internet. Photographing is my identity outside of motherhood, outside of wifedom, outside of farming and sportsmomming and grocery shopping. This is how I maintain my sanity.

This is my sense of self.

Sometimes other women who are mothers and entrepreneurs or creatives reach out and want to know how I cope with the inevitable “mom guilt” of working so much and this is what I always say to them: I would be a bad mother if I didn’t have a life outside of my children. If I did not have something that was only mine, that allowed me to express myself and also contribute to my family, I would be unhappy, I would be unfulfilled and I would be less. And thinking less of myself and having less to fill my creative soul would make me less of a mom for my sons.  So I work and I photograph and I edit and I travel and I do homework and scream at refs and make mediocre dinners and pay bills and  tickle and yell and  and find shoes and don’t sleep. I have to be selfish to be giving, and thats how I think of it.

With that being said, the Jamison’s gave of themselves to me and I hope that I returned the favor.

PS the stinky feet photos were inspire by my own baby, Bowie, who is constantly making everyone smell his foot.



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December 2, 2017
I’m the exact same mother. Thank you for writing this! And I LOVE the pictures!