More couples photos coming in hot. Jo and I met on Instagram. I feel like every blog post includes this sentence, but it hass become something of a pattern in my life. Jo and I have an instafriendship situation, not only because we met on IG but because we clicked right off the bat. She is a successful photographer in her own right, and came with her curly-haired boyfriend, Matt, all the way from Arkansas for a taste of the great PNW. I met them in Vantage (with two kids in tow) on my way back from where I was working in the San Juan islands and we played in some sand, irritated some truck drivers and took a dip (Them, not me. That’s a hard pass) in the ice cold Columbia river. These two were down for absolutely anything and I had the best time watching them interact with each other. I had Wiley, my second son (who also has an amazing mop of curls) with us and Jo and I decided that Matt was what Wiley will look like in the future so we made them take a picture together (which I wanted to post but can’t find now. Sad.) When I was editing these photos, Wiley was sitting on my lap and pointed to Matt with a “hey mama. I member him. That guy has curwy haiw wike me. We played at the sand dunes.”  The little dude remembers all apparently.


So anyway, aside from making a lasting impression on my spawn, Jo and Matt made me feel very free to create what I wanted and went with every little whim of mine, including standing on the side of the freeway, making out while getting honked at by truck drivers. Every girls dream.


I adore you two. You know this. Thank you endlessly for asking me to do this with you. <3


Check out their love film:




And now their (many many) photos:




Safety first, then teamwork.



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