This vans name is Lucy and she is a beautiful, temperamental piece of  machinery. Kisha and Rory really wanted something unique for their engagement photos and whats more unique than a cherry red VW van with psychedelic interior? My husband happens to know someone who owns this beauty that allowed me to use it for the occasion (thank you!!). We originally planned on parking it alongside a tree-lined dirt road and adventuring around the forest afterward, but inclement weather ruined that idea and these two were gracious enough to travel out to our farm for some time inside Lucys interior.  When they first arrived, Lucy decided she didnt want to play with us, but after a nice dose of electricity, she changed her mind. Kisha and I piled in I maneuvered the ol’girl out of my driveway, which is sloped and was then covered in a half foot of slush from freezing rain and snow. There was a moment with I thought death was imminent and was trying to remember what my contract said should I accidentally maim or injure a client. Lucy pulled us through though and once we hit the pavement, it was smooth sailing.

I am beyond excited to document their wooded elopement this summer and am so honored to be a part of this piece of their history.

Enjoy the glorious, flowing manes you’re about to see.




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July 26, 2017
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