Lauren and Max invited me into their beautiful apartment on a rainy (surprise) Seattle morning to document their first home before they move. I got a $43 parking ticket in the garage underneath their building because a lady would not buy me a parking pass on her card in exchange for a $10 bill (she would have doubled her money) after I left my wallet in the hotel room and the machine wouldn’t take cash. If it were me and anyone asked me to do that, I would gladly, and I’m still mad at her and she can STILL kiss it.  I spent the walk up to their building muttering to myselfunder my breath and cursing the woman with many parking tickets in the future.

We spent the morning running around their apartment, laughing as Max serenaded his woman with some female pop singers newest hit and talking about how they would miss the Pony Club next door where the parties were raging everyday Sunday as the gay men in the area danced the night away to DJ Kitty Glitter (Actual name). I love Seattle so much.


I thank you so much Lauren and Max for inviting me into your home for this lovely experience. I had the best time with you guys.


Remember, safety first then teamwork.







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July 21, 2017
A beautiful set of images! Fantastic work. The parking ticket was worth it ;)