If you follow me on Instagram you might have caught me talking about that time I was shooting a session and SET MY LENS DOWN IN A FIELD. A day I would just as soon forget as we  spent pretty much 75% of the good light combing over every inch of grass until my eyes were blurring and everything started to look the same. Seriously,who sets their lens down like that?! As lenses go, this one would have been a particular loss, especially painful on the wallet, and I kind of went numb from what I think might have been shock. After searching for awhile, we went back to shooting photos because the sun was already below the horizon and once we finished up, we went back into the field, the three of us, Liz, myself and Michael, attempting to retrace our every footsteps. I was ready to call it quits and head home when Liz started shouting that she’d found it. I will love her forever for that. We definitely did an instant replay for her Instagram story  as well to commemorate the amazing find.


These two are gorgeous and super sweet. They will be on the blog again when I add their in home session in the next couple weeks so be looking out for them!





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