There are some people who are, to quote Zoolander, “ridiculously, ridiculously good looking” (insert your best Blue Steele here), such as Marie and Luke. I literally could not stop touching and smelling (smelled like flowers and cotton candy rolled into one) Luke’s incredible man mane. It is the silkiest hair in all the land so I thought he was FOR SURE lathering that baby up with some designer shampoo at $40/oz but when I asked he said he uses Kirklands from Costco. Goodbye Pureology. I quit you.


These two are not only gorgeous and world traveled but they also paint on canvas together, as in team painting, as in art for two. The only things my husband and I do together include the television. Just when I thought they couldn’t get any more perfect, the shirts came off to reveal chiseled tummies and zero spare tires. Some people just have it all, I guess. Thank you guys for letting me stalk you for a day, I dig you both and had the best time hanging in your perfectly curated cottage.


Note: For the photogs out there, the outdoor photos were shot int 1130 in the morning in the full fury of the blazing sun. If I can do it, you definitely can. Embrace the crappy daytime light.


Also, made a Love Film. Check it.





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