First of all, everyone needs to know that the adorable Basset’s name is Meat, which is probably the greatest thing you could name a dog shaped like a thick sausage with droopy ears. Payton and Brian have the most amazing space, complete with the concrete counter tops of my dreams. They have poured so much love into their place and you can really feel it when you’re in there. We spent some time teaching each other new phrases, which I wont get into here because..well because, and listening to early 2000’s hip hop which of course led to me showing off my incredible rapping skills. People always stare when I start rapping which means I’m good, right? I choose to believe so. Anyway, we spent some time taking about their upcoming June wedding and of course, loving me some Meat. Then we went outside for the very first sunset I’ve seen all year, even if it was just a tiny one.


The beautiful bouquet you see here was provided by the floral fairy Christen of @dragonflowerdesign on Instagram. If you’re looking for someone to green up your wedding, then go to this website. Like now.


Pay + Bri. You two made me so happy. Can’t wait to party with you guys on your wedding night like its 2002.


Enjoy their love in the film below too:


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