This story makes me very happy. We shot this on a super cloudy day (the sun shone out for a quick minute at the very end) and I love the depth it gives the photos. There is a reason why I always push for in home when it comes to families and thats because the home is the heart. A lot of people have this mindset that their house is “not cute” and so immediately dismiss the idea when I bring it up but they are missing the point. It’s not about throw pillows and subway tiles.

The home is the heart of the family.

The circles are ran around mom in her outdated kitchen. The floors are scuffed and scratched from playtime. The furniture is creased and stained from naps with dad and markers missing paper.   The mess is the mark of lives created from love. It is beautiful.

I recently photographed a 10 year old girl in her bedroom. I asked her to show me her room and her mom said ” she’s my messy one and didn’t care if you saw it this way” and that made me smile. I’m the messy one too.  She marched me through the door with her name stamped in colored paper on the front and showed me her life in various stages of forgotten and crumpled. She flopped back on her unmade bed, every square inch of the floor covered with the things she wears and plays with, and I took her photo in that place. Her place.

Your home may not be perfect in your eyes, but it holds your life and its walls contain your truth, and I love when you let me in.





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