Acre Baja Wedding// Los Cabos, MX// Sydney+Stephen

This wedding was published in BRIDES magazine.

Is there any better last name than Plopper? These are The Ploppers. Plopper’s. Ploppers-es. The Plops. Sydney is clearly not from this planet and Stephen is a hilarious dude with a penchant for maracas and taking photos. This wedding was probably the craziest experience I’ve ever had in my five years of photographing them.

The rain was already coming down when I woke up on the morning of the wedding. It had the kind of intensity that made me say the word “monsoon” in a sentence for the first time in my 33 years. I couldn’t believe it when I got to Sydneys suite and she was still a calm beautiful angel and not a tyrannosaurus rex. Truly couldn’t say for sure how I get so lucky to be able to spend such stressful moments with people who don’t lose their cool and in turn take it out on those around them. At that point, we were thinking about how we were going to move the ceremony and reception indoors rather than the possibility of the wedding being evacuated- which was what happened.


You can see for yourself how the day unfolded, but one of my favorite parts of this photo set is where you can see the officiant making the announcement that the venue needed to be evacuated and the look on Sydney and Stephens face at the time. Despite how it seemed in that moment, they both refused to let anything ruin it for them. We all jumped into vans for what I can only describe as a death ride back to their hotel.

In an incredibly sweet gesture, the hotel cleared out their bar and the planner swept in to convert the space into a reception befitting of The Ploppers. How many times can I say Ploppers in this post? Time will tell.

Also, I can’t say enough things about the team at Acre Baja . They tried so hard to make things work during the storm and then let the three of us have full access to the property the day after for a portrait session. The weather was of course dreamy for that.

Might I also give a huge shout out to one of the women I love most, the incredibly talented Brooke Johnson aka @braillegold on IG, who came with me on this trip, second shot this wedding and went to our hotel to get me new underwear so I could at least enjoy a dry bottom.






  • Ashlyn

    Laurkennnnn, no words. The most beautiful collection of photos I have ever seen. You’re magic.

  • I’d like it to rain on my wedding day for these photos. Laurken you’re an absolute legend.

  • This wonderful wedding remind me of the same condition that appears to stop the wedding, the rain. It’s been great that they just happy on their big day and forget all of those weather obstacle. Such a heartwarming wedding. A lot of joy and happiness.

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