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{ This Amangiri Resort Wedding was published in BRIDES magazine. }

The Amangiri Resort is a gorgeous piece of architecture set deep into the desert of Canyon Point, Utah. It is famous for its luxury amenities, its serene atmosphere and the fact that every celebrity under the sun selfies within its walls.

See: Miley Cyrus

Also see: my farmer. A man who never should have been allowed inside of anything that describes itself as “luxury”. I think we can all see who did it best.

Him: “Who am I honey?” Me: “Im leaving. “

This blog post is a massive beast and you must know going in that these photos were taken over a three day period.

Story goes like this- Dulce and Dennis met in Bali. Dulce met me online. Dulce loves us both and we love her. Dulce, majestic creature that she is, is a Mexico native but works regularly in the states and is something of an Aman resort aficionado, having visited almost all of them. Traveling is what they both love to do best and Dennis, a skilled craftsmen and Dane straight from a picturesque town in Denmark, proposed to her in a cave overlooking the Amangiri, the Canyon Utah jewel of the Aman empire.

Dulce and Dennis rented out the entirety of the sprawling Amangiri for their own Amangiri Resort Wedding, bringing together her Mexican relatives with his Danish ones. As a big happy crew, we spent the first day doing a tour of Antelope Canyon and another privately owned canyon in a neighboring area. We were regaled with stories from Navajo tribesmen who guided us through every crevice, singing the history of their blood. It was truly an experience I will never forget.

The following day, their wedding, was spent reading desert vows, drinking incredibly too much and partying until the sun came up. I ate a lot of steak and popped a button on my pants. The desert was painted pink with the lights from their personal discoteca until there was no night to distinguish it from the sun. The following morning, we rose before sunset (with little AND I MEAN LITTLE sleep) to board a helicopter, (my very first btw) and spend time photographing in the bright morning light on top of a butte in the middle the desert.

The people who ask me to walk this road with them treat me not only like a human being but like someone they really do care about. Dulce and Dennis went above and beyond, inviting me and my farmer husband to run away from the kids and stay in our very own suite in the Amangiri for three days; a place where we would never would have been able to go without them. They took us along on private tours, made sure our rooms were decked out (and my refrigerator was full to the brim with Sarsaparilla soda-otherwise known as rootbeer) and bestowed upon me the lifetime experience of a helicopter ride- even if Dulce had to do a little prodding to get me there. It is something I will never get over. Neither will the farmer, who took to wearing sunglasses, a robe and fancy slippers in public like a duck to water. Six times I had to pretend like I didn’t know him as he filled up his giant ratty water bottle with delicately infused waters from the beautiful lobby in a robe while staring at me over the top of his sunglasses. Then again, I ordered three dinners and 5 desserts at one meal. Did we belong? No. Did we enjoy? Hell yes.

The farmer. Duck——-> Water

My female other half Brooke Johnson second shot this wedding like the incredible friend/ mentor/ goddess photographer that she is. She moms me which is an extra bonus (not for her).

I also would be remiss not to mention the incredible team who put this wedding together. Manda of Mae&Co Creative is one of the best planners in the game and I recommend her frequently to couples. We have worked together several times and have become close friends through the process. That woman is as dedicated and imaginative as it gets. Also, the husband and wife team of White in Revery who did a beautiful job of filming this wedding.

Here are the other vendors who worked this Amangiri Resort Wedding (google- are you reading this, you rat bastard?):

SIDE NOTE: Dulce wore two custom dresses for this event. Both designers are listed below. Dennis wore a custom Dolce&Gabbana suit.

Dress Designer:



Groom Designer: Dolce&Gabbana

Florist: Sarah Winward

Make up: Beatriz Cisneros

Hair: Sarah Whittaker

Paper Goods: Carta Plena

Enjoy this Amangiri Resort Wedding.

Thank you Dulce and Dennis for an experience I will never forget. For pushing me out of comfort zones and letting me not only document but live the experience with you. Love you both dearly.

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  • Holy shit.. these are beyond incredible. You slay !

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