At home photography will always remain my favorite. It’s where I started and it’s what continues to make me feel the most inspired. I often have to stop myself from hyper focusing on the human beings in order to set the scene. I get fixated on the bodies and the feelings and have even walked away from a session realizing I didn’t get any photographs that anchor the location or the time. I guess that could be looked at as a barometer of being in alignment with creativity and passion. These types of sessions are always a trust fall and sometimes I find myself manically jumping from one idea to the next (as is illustrated below) once I get going. The obsessive nature takes over and off we go. I recognize that I am an emotional leach, so each set of subjects inspires a different viewpoint, a different set of actions and therefore a different feeling, which is what its all about. Britt and Matt are the example I would model for all of my couples. They opened themselves to the experience in such a way that the creative symbiosis flowed from the first minute and it was like I’d photographed them before.

I left soulfully satisfied. Thank you B+M for this day.

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