A Brooklyn wedding has been on my to do list for a v. long time.

This situation was an actual dream of mine. While I thrive in and enjoy documenting a traditionally structured wedding, there is nothing that gets me more creatively aroused than something that breaks the rigidity and zigs when everything else zags.

My wish for upcoming trends in weddings include nontraditional EVERYTHING. Shirking the strenuous timeline (ask any person thats had a big wedding and they’ll tell you how unexpectedly fast and exhausting their day was), middle finger to that weirdness that is the garter toss. More personality. More free flow, less control. And while I love a white dress- why not wear a color that speaks to you on one of the most meaningful days of your life.

If you’re a couple looking to go married, I want you to know that you can do LITERALLY WHATEVER YOU WANT. This is the only time all of these people you love are going to be together outside of your funeral (morbid but true). I say that so you really think hard about what you want. Give your guests an experience. Create a situation where you actually get to spend QT with them (and each other) on your wedding day. I will never understand why people choose to spend half of the wedding day hiding from each other. Its about you. Its for you. Its an experience your gifting to the people you love the most.

Make it count. You dont want regrets later.

Chonn swept Amanda back to his native Brooklyn for an intimate wedding celebration in a favorite bar. Drinks, buffet, a pink dress and every face they’ve ever loved. Plus a stroll through the crowd for some photos. Felt like perfect.