This post is long overdue. These are not camping engagements but rather a relationship art session to mark another period of time this husband and wife have spent together. Google doesn’t care about that though. Google only cares that it says camping engagements.

Its day seventy hundred 32 five of quarantine induced psychopathy. Everyday is Groundhog Day. I am Bill Murray. Saturday and Monday are the same thing. It doesn’t matter what I do the day before, the next day is exactly the same. Breakfast-homeschool-gym-chores-dinner-netflix-bed. Repeat. There are a few new developments like I have begun power washing the bricks on my house. I bought a beekeepers outfit. I’m on a 3 am to 9 am sleep schedule. I hide things of my husbands for the entertainment of watching him look for it. I learned how to use a compound miter saw. I prank my kids by walking into their bedrooms backwards at night with various masks on facing the direction I’m walking. I have started blaming that bitch Carole Baskins for everything. So I guess I am growing in some ways.

These two spend a lot of time outdoors and camping so when we were conceptualizing their couples session, we decided to integrate those parts of them into their photos. I loved being in their energy; watching them balance each other with Brooke constantly holding a laugh on the edge of her beautiful mouth and Jonathan in his affability and kind eyes.

They let me in, let me learn about them and we spent our time creating something just for them. And selfishly of course, for me.


Dam. Brilliant. Love the whole set so much. I’ve gotta figure out a way to marry my outdoor lifestyle photography with couples.

I cried. I’ll admit it. This session is moving and brilliantly captured. Laurken, you’re somethin’ else.

This made my night. Thank you Hannah, you sweet human. ❤️