Its April and I already feel like I’m having an identity crisis. If you’re an artist or entrepreneur or any type of human that creates any type of thing, then you might relate to this sentiment. I have no idea who I am right now, or what I like. I can’t even tell you what my favorite color is. In honesty though, I think I mostly pick black for everything and maybe never had a favorite. I am too mercurial for favorite things. Except Nutella and cherry vanilla cream cokes. Those things never change. I even smoked (Camel menthols) for more years than I like to acknowledge, woke up one day and decided I didn’t like it anymore and never picked up another one.

This is how I live my life.

Something you might not know about photography, and an area in which I’m happy to enlighten you- editing is a friggen struggle. There exist this never ending color spectrum, texture options and contrast choices and its overwhelming. Then Instagram forces you into a serious case of comparison pox. If you happened to be happy with your work or yourself before, just take a scroll.  Now you hate all the things.

This isn’t just me, either. It’s all of my industry friends and anyone I’ve ever mentored. We all say the same thing every three months, on rotation, with various areas of focused disdain. The cycle of self loathing and doubt plays and replays again on the record player of life, asking you to hate yourself and bring a friend down with you. This morning I woke up with a #nottodaysatan attitude and I’m hanging on, with some struggle, but still. I’ve called my best friend Erin (@erinorthcutt) only every nine minutes since I got up so she can talk me out of deleting my entire Instagram feed.

So this is where I’m at today, and I’m okay putting it out into the world that I doubt myself. I think if we all acknowledged the doubt then we would feel much less alone in it.


Anyway, on to the good stuff. Carena and Garett are getting married and I’ma be there for that too. They wanted a GIF for their wedding website and I am all about making my couples happy happy happy, so here it is.

Look at these badasses. God, I love my couples.





Cue the photos: