Summer Anniversary Session// Savana+Trey

This is a summer anniversary session. Just your run of the mill, summer anniversary session. How many times can I write the words summer. anniversary. session. <- I say that for the benefit of SEO and google and all the things I don’t understand about the internet. It’s probably the wrong approach but I gave it my all. Savana and Trey drove all the way out to my farm for this session. Mostly because it was the dead of harvest and I couldn’t get away to photograph them anywhere else. I hauled wheat to the elevator all day and then got out of the truck in time for a quick shower so I didnt have chaff in my eyes while I took pictures. I loved being with Sav and Trey- they made my job so easy. I spend a lot of time with my couples prior to their shoots- getting to know them together in all the good and bad ways,- which inspires me during the session and helps me to paint their history into their photographs. Savana did not get this from me as I was living a hectic harvest life. She and Trey came into it with no preparation and presented me with open hearts and a trust that I felt. Like any relationship, if there’s no trust then there cant be growth and I have to feel trusted in order to perform, simple as that. They didnt put expectations on me, they didnt ask for anything, only that I actively observe, which is exactly what I did. I love these photos- they were inspired by Savana and Trey and couldn’t have been of anyone else. Thank you S+T for everything. Truly.

Camping Engagements// Brooke + Jonathan

Couple embracing during camping couples session with Laurken Kendall.

This post is long overdue. These are not camping engagements but rather a relationship art session to mark another period of time this husband and wife have spent together. Google doesn’t care about that though. Google only cares that it says camping engagements. Its day seventy hundred 32 five of quarantine induced psychopathy. Everyday is Groundhog Day. I am Bill Murray. Saturday and Monday are the same thing. It doesn’t matter what I do the day before, the next day is exactly the same. Breakfast-homeschool-gym-chores-dinner-netflix-bed. Repeat. There are a few new developments like I have begun power washing the bricks on my house. I bought a beekeepers outfit. I’m on a 3 am to 9 am sleep schedule. I hide things of my husbands for the entertainment of watching him look for it. I learned how to use a compound miter saw. I prank my kids by walking into their bedrooms backwards at night with various masks on facing the direction I’m walking. I have started blaming that bitch Carole Baskins for everything. So I guess I am growing in some ways. These two spend a lot of time outdoors and camping so when we were conceptualizing their couples session, we decided to integrate those parts of them into their photos. I loved being in their energy; watching them balance each other with Brooke constantly holding a laugh on the edge of her beautiful mouth and Jonathan in his affability and kind eyes. They let me in, let me learn about them and we spent our time creating something just for them. And selfishly of course, for me. Your Narrative blog will appear here, click preview to see it live.For any issues click here

Scarlet+Anthony// Seattle WA Maternity

Ahh, maternity, maternity, maternity. That thing where us females grow actual humans inside our bodies in a very alien-esque process. I need to say this, and I don’t mean it lightly- I love these two so much. Right off the bat, you need to know that Anthony has a concerning  Neil Diamond obsession and Scarlett is a strawberry haired wingless angel. What’s awesome about this set is that it represents the first time a dude (he somehow started a trend) has contacted me about surprising his lady with a piece of their story in photos. No one is more deserving of a such a gift than Scar. She is like opening the window in a stuffy room. She’s a blanket when you’re cold. She loves you with words+ actions and radiates some indescribable thing that makes you constantly want to hug her. Anthony was performing at the Canadian version of the Grammys and wanted to shoot down the day after for some photos in western Washingtons moody, wet pines. I scoured Airbnb for the perfect place and found The Green A Frame in beautiful Packwood ,WA. The warm wood tones with big openings for the  gray light of the forest to spill onto the floor felt like the right place to tell such an intimate story. A waiting story. You see, heres the thing about Scarlet- she’s always waiting. Her great love is a keyboard banging god in a famous Canadian rock band and the music carries him away from her, across foreign water and rocks, again and again.  So she waits for him, busying her hands and  mind against the slow moving drum of the face on the wall with her photography. Ticking away the molasses minutes of the day until he wraps her up again in arms that have been absent for too long and yet feel as if they never left. And now, she waits for someone else. The little body she cradles inside is a tender mystery to those of us who watch the newcomer ripple beneath her skin. Scarlet  just laughs in a moment like this, absently rubbing her hand over her babies soft home, whispering something under her breath that no one can catch, leaning her little stranger against the kitchen counter. I love her so much. Anthony, her devoted, ribs me for asking her to get on the counter but dutifully lifts her up, one cute butt cheek at a time, and sets her down like a jar thats full to the brim of the last of the water in the world. Now there are three. A love worth always waiting for.                           Fin.   Safety first, then teamwork   L  

India+Jay Salt Lake City Anniversary

If you’re a photographer, the chick in these photos needs no introduction (see: India Earl, photography goddess).  I went to Utah to watch the teachings of my artistic idol and soul sister, Brooke Johnson of BlushbyB Photography  and I was invited to stay with India and her then-incredibly hairy husband Jay for the weekend. (sidenote I also used Brooke’s awesome presets on these photos so check them on her site, linked above^. ) India is another in a multitude of Instagram friendships that I’ve developed this past year. The photo below is a fitting substitute for how I first officially saw her in person that first day at her house when I walked in on her peeing on that very toilet. We laughed and went to Chick Fil A.   Typically, husbands are less interested in chatting with the house guest but Jay felt like a little brother and we bonded over political trash talk and a love of metal music and coffee. We spent a night in an escape room and I didn’t even try to solve anything but took credit during photo time, emphasizing participation with my best crazy eyes.   They cruelly introduced me to Chronic Tacos, which I now cannot find locally and invited me into their tight knit group of friends. I met my birthday twin and spent three hours playing charades (without alcohol) which is highly unlike me.  (Shout out to Syd for the constant mind reading with special mention to Nate for making grandma laugh).   Oh also, Love Vid:     Next time I go to Utah I have goals that include actually seeing Utah and not just the inside of fast food restaurants and a half mile radius of the city. Mountains were pretty from the highway though! Thank you Jay and India for the privilege of photographically marking this time of your life. May you have many happy years and a million more photos.                     Real quick, I want to just show love to everyone I saw in Utah, who shared meals with me (Blake and Autumn) or let me steal their car (I love you Morgan) and to everyone else who invited me out but I didn’t have to time to see. Next time for sure! Love each other.   L   Below are some of my favorite humans and photographers from Utah who deserve the utmost recognition for their work so if you have time, check it:   Morgan of In Frames Photography Blake Hogge Photography Autumn Nicole Photography

Utah Anniversary Photos

Oh my my my. I adore these two people. I was incredibly excited when Nicole and Ammon invited me to Utah to shoot an in-home couples session for their wedding anniversary. My husband tagged along and we decided to spend our two downs in Vegas and drive to Utah to shoot these two. I decided I want a “vintage” Vegas experience and picked a landmark hotel, The Paris. Without going in to too much detail, I will just say I will NOT be doing that ever again. I didn’t even gamble and my husband got into it with a dude in an Olaf costume, so needless to say, The Strip was a big fat bust. Thank goodness I had something to do that I actually like. Cody (husband) and I drove down to St. George, Utah and were amazed at the contrast of landscape in the Arizona desert as compared to what we are used to in the PNW. I’ve never seen bare mountains in my entire life and decided to dub Arizona “Naked Montana” because I imagine thats what Montana looks like if you strip it down. Such a beautiful place and I hope to spend more time shooting in the desert in the future.   At any rate, Cody is lurking in the edges of all these photos. Heres an outtake of him channeling his inner Ragnar Lothbrook (my favorite TV character currently since Sons of Anarchy went away..insert cry face emoji).     Nicole and Ammon were so cute, so in love, and so down for whatever. My favorite kind of people to work with. Here’s their story. (PS Their love video got 35,000 views on Instagram (click to check out ))     Thanks you two <3  

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