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At Home in the Tomato Garden// B+M

At home photography will always remain my favorite. It’s where I started and it’s what continues to make me feel the most inspired. I often have to stop myself from hyper focusing on the human beings in order to set the scene. I get fixated on the bodies and the feelings and have even walked […]

Home Birth// Ellis

I have been with Kylie and Zach through several big life moments in a short period of time. I photographed their wedding in 2019 and then the home birth of their first child in 2020. Even when the world went to shit right around the time she hit the third trimester, Kylie soldiered on and […]

Summer Anniversary Session// Savana+Trey

This is a summer anniversary session. Just your run of the mill, summer anniversary session. How many times can I write the words summer. anniversary. session. <- I say that for the benefit of SEO and google and all the things I don’t understand about the internet. It’s probably the wrong approach but I gave […]

Lake Story// Em+Mikey

This summer I was playing cards with my boys on the floor of this lake cabin and I was content. My husband came up behind me as I was washing dishes in this kitchen and pressed his face into my neck and I was content. I spent sweaty nights listening to crickets play moon songs […]

Camping Engagements// Brooke + Jonathan

Couple embracing during camping couples session with Laurken Kendall.

This post is long overdue. These are not camping engagements but rather a relationship art session to mark another period of time this husband and wife have spent together. Google doesn’t care about that though. Google only cares that it says camping engagements. Its day seventy hundred 32 five of quarantine induced psychopathy. Everyday is […]

In Home Session// Hailes+ Tay

Laurken Kendall in home couples photography

I will never EVER stop loving in home couples sessions. Like ever. My creative soul cries for them when I go to long without shooting one.They are the thing I love photographing most. I feel like I’m constantly saying this but I LOVE THESE PEOPLE. Generous is a word I am fortunate enough to use […]