Laurken Kendall







Summer Anniversary Session// Savana+Trey

This is a summer anniversary session. Just your run of the mill, summer anniversary session. How many times can I write the words summer. anniversary. session. <- I say that for the benefit of SEO and google and all the things I don’t understand about the internet. It’s probably the wrong approach but I gave […]

Camping Engagements// Brooke + Jonathan

Couple embracing during camping couples session with Laurken Kendall.

This post is long overdue. These are not camping engagements but rather a relationship art session to mark another period of time this husband and wife have spent together. Google doesn’t care about that though. Google only cares that it says camping engagements. Its day seventy hundred 32 five of quarantine induced psychopathy. Everyday is […]

Carena+Garrett// Columbia River Gorge Engagements

Its April and I already feel like I’m having an identity crisis. If you’re an artist or entrepreneur or any type of human that creates any type of thing, then you might relate to this sentiment. I have no idea who I am right now, or what I like. I can’t even tell you what […]

Myriah+Charlie At Home in Dallas TX

In November, I flew to Austin, drove to Dallas the same day to photograph a couple, drove back to Austin the next day, photographed another couple and then flew home. It was an exhausting three days but totally worth it. I drove with my ¬†highschool best friend back and forth¬†between the two cities and we […]

Heather+ Chris Lake Roosevelt Engagement

Now that fall is here I wanted to remind everyone that it was once summer and you could comfortably go outside in what are essentially jean underwear. This is not a complaint on my part. Summer is my least favorite of all the seasons. I do not like the heat whatsoever. I like to have […]

Darcy+Joey: Cape Kiwanda Adventure

In May, I went to Cape Kiwanda on the Oregon coast and I never wanted to leave. I am a constant victim of Instagram wanderlust and this is one of the places that always gives me gaga eyes when it pops up on a photographers feed. Shooting there was a dream. I met Darcy and […]