In May, I went to Cape Kiwanda on the Oregon coast and I never wanted to leave. I am a constant victim of Instagram wanderlust and this is one of the places that always gives me gaga eyes when it pops up on a photographers feed. Shooting there was a dream. I met Darcy and Joey in the parking lot of a beach where my second son Wiley (pictured below from that day)and I were eating blue popsicles.

The day was not what I expected, as usual. It ended up being really cloudy and foggy when I had pictured a rich and warm sunset. I dressed myself and my kids in our summer best that day because I’m not that bright and decided that since it was 80 in Portland where we were staying, it must be 80 at Cape Kiwanda as well. We all ended up freezing our asses off in 50 degree weather but spent the day playing in the sand and eating snow cones nonetheless. This couples session was my first in Oregon and also marked my first time on the Oregon coast. Darcy gave me the old “good luck, we’re SO awkward” line right off the bat and immediately contradicted herself the second we started shooting. The chemistry is undeniable, even in front of a stranger with a camera, and I have found that the more ridiculous people feel, the better the photos because they laugh and fidget the entire time. Joey had me laughing along the way, and the three of us spent a couple hours climbing rocks, chasing crashing waves and rolling in the sand.

I am so grateful to you two for this experience and I cannot wait to document your wedding next summer.


You two <3


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Are you frickin’ serious??? I wanna be you when I grow up… even though I’m already older than you.

I missed this comment but Im so appreciative. Thank you!!! <3

Your work is absolutely stunning! Love watching you grow through your photographs!

Thank you girl!! Im touched. <3