Em+Mikey County Fair Date

Couples photos at the fair  forever. I will be doing this every year.

While you can’t tell from the photos, this day was a total blunder fest for me and all because the fair only accepts cash of which I was unaware until I arrived. Two days before the fair, I lost my debit card so was relying on a credit card for swiping purposes. My house is over an hour from the Spokane County Fairgrounds and I got there with 15 minutes to go only to be told I had to have cash for entry.

WHY IS THIS STILL A THING? I panicked for 15 minutes and in the end, I did what I do best and went shopping online. I bought my tickets off of a website, showed them to the ticket booth and continued living my life.

Enter this tall drink of water and her charming dude. We hit the Ferris wheel first and then bopped around the fairgrounds, earning plenty of strange looks.  I don’t know if it was the cotton candy-face smashing or my directing style, but I think we might have been a top attraction that day.

The lights of the fair were amazing and next time I want to shoot there at night.


Love film below:


Also, we (my husband and my three boys and I) just returned home from a tropical Christmas vacation and I am still suffering from post vacation blues. Why cant I live on a Disney cruise ship and spend my life floating around in a circle? And why God does it have to go by so fast? I counted down every slow, agonizing  day for the three months leading up to it and then a week was gone in blink.  Next time, I’m going to sit on an island beach for 10 days.


Anyway, on to the goods:




Safety first, then teamwork.



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