Emily+ David couldn’t have chosen better than the shores of Mexico for their heartfelt and elegant Esperanza Resort Wedding. The seaside venue, the design elements- every single thing fit and enhanced what was an absolutely perfect day. This wedding design was executed perfectly by Gaby from Vivid Occasions in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

I always ask my couples to let me know if they have any surprises planned for each other so that I know to be ready for them. For her wedding, Emily planned a fireworks shower to rain out over their first dance. So it was, that the sky lit up as they danced on a cliff-side dance floor overhanging the Pacific.

There is literally nothing like fireworks over the dance floor to start a good party. I always try to help my couples find ways to start a party with a bang (and keep it going). Things like confetti raining from the sky, fireworks, glow sticks, bubble or foam machines always set a party apart for the guests, in a sea of wedding receptions. Having a house DJ spin or an amazing live cover band instead of a traditional wedding DJ found off of a google also never fails to cement a party in the mind of an attendee.

This party raged all night, right next to the crashing sounds of the ocean rushing up and spilling over the walls onto the dance floor. It was a vibe all unto itself.

Thank you Em and David for the pleasure of walking this day with you. It was such an honor.