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How will I receive my files? Do I get a print release?

Files are delivered via digital download, and will be available to you to do with what you wish for a year, although I recommend, nay demand, that you immediately download and back those babies up. And yes! Print release is allllll yours if you need it. Most online places don't require one, but I am happy to email you one you're printing at a brick and mortar. Make calendars and mugs for everyone in your family. I encourage this.

How long does it take to receive my images?

Great question! Delivery times for weddings are 8-12 weeks, while engagement sessions take a maximum of 6 weeks.

Can I have the RAW files or any unedited images?

This will forever and always be a resounding no.

How long will our session last?

Can't rush the perfect, however- I happen to have a formula that works well for me at keeping sessions under 2 hours.

How many images can I expect??

For portrait sessions (basically non-wedding) you can expect 40-60 images. For weddings, around 50-75/hr.

How many outfits can I have?

I want you to take a  bag and fill it with all of the clothes that makes you both feel good, throw it in the trunk and bring it to the location.  Then together, we are going to create a couple of looks for both of you that work well for your personality, the location and also what my goal vibe is for you.

How do I dress for our outdoor session?

General rules of thumb: minimal pattern (I'm talking one person with some pattern at a time), no old, shitty sneakers, skip the ultra bright colors (reds, pinks, oranges and yellows because everybody skin is going to mirror that color) and I really discourage any heels for the women. Unless you literally wear heels all day and night and have since you were 4, then my vote is a definite no. Instead, stick with shoes you could potentially and comfortable, walk 9 miles in, uphill, in the rain. Clothes with movement always work well if we get a breeze as well.

If you give a photo to me in black and white but I want it in color, what are my options?

I can make additional edits to your photos at your request for the edit fee specified in your contract.

What is the booking process?

My booking process is super industry standard. A signed digital contract and a nonrefundable retainer put us together forever.

Can my sister/ brother/ best friend/ aunt watch our session?

No. And thats not just for me, its for you. I find that allowing people to tag along during really murders genuine emotion. I like connecting, just the three of us and knowing someone is watching throws me off and throws you off too, you just don't know it yet.

This contract is legit, woman! Its kind of scary actually. Why are you an asshole?

The contract is super industry standard and is essentially a series of WHAT IFS and MAYBES and WORST CASE SCENARIOS that haven't happened to me, but just in case they God forbid do, I want you to know how I'm going to handle it. The contract is for you and for me, so don't be intimated. Im really nice.  I have had a hundred people sign that contract, completed our agreement, delivered their files, sent a million kiss emojis and we've all continued living our lives. Its a beautiful thing to have some structure on the that side of things, even though we are going to love each other and forget about all that business stuff within the first five minutes of meeting. I promise.

Why is wedding photography so expensive!?

Oh my darling. If only you knew how many hours upon hours upon hours are spent outside of the actually wedding day working one each individual wedding. Think about this:

For each couple I spend hours before the wedding emailing, FaceTiming, texting, building wedding day timelines, coordinating with the planner, choosing locations and all the things that go into a wedding prep. Then, I travel to the wedding, shoot for at least 8 hours, travel back and, over a period of DAYS PER WEDDING, cull, edit, create preview galleries, create a slideshow, create a finally gallery, and finally deliver. BUT WAIT! That's not all, I then help with printing, formatting and design. All told, I spend 5X the amount of hours before and after the wedding on each couple as I do with them on their actual wedding day. Add on top insurance for my gear, your venue (yes! We have to carry that per venue and add them to our policy), the fact that I have three children to put through college and there it is- why I am priced like I am. Add to that that I actually care about my couples and the attention and care I give each one of them (and also my desire to murder the wedding with beautiful photos) and there it is- the answer to why wedding photography is not expensive enough. I'm full service with heart, baby.

The moment I found Laurken, I knew I wanted her to document our wedding. We settled the details, but as time went on we realized we wanted our big day a little bit smaller. She was very accommodating and understanding, and tackled the huge task of a courthouse wedding in a way I couldn't even imagine being possible, and with an attitude that matched. We had gotten to know each other in our engagement shoot, and in that short amount of time my husband and I grew so comfortable in front of her camera. It really shines on the photos from our wedding day. She captured such raw emotions from all that were involved. But most importantly through our journey with her, she reminded us how to stop and love again. To scoop each other up in your arms and just "cradle the crap outta that baby" as Laurken would say. The fact that we had such a small wedding means that we tell the story of that day a lot to the family and friends that couldn't be there, without these pictures I don't think I would be able to explain how beautiful our wedding was.

Laurken is the type of person that can walk into any room and make every single person in it feel like a fucking rock star. She captures moments that you don’t even know exist until you see the pictures. She makes magic and is generous enough with her talent that she always make you feel like it was your idea. . Through the wedding process, Laurken became a lifelong friend. We will absolutely be traveling as far as it takes to get photographed by her again. She is the greatest photographer that has ever lived, and you can do nothing to change our minds. The Harry Houdini of head shots. The Janet Jackson of JPGs. The Walt Whitman of white balance. The best.

I would seriously give her the night sky. Laurken is everything when it comes to photography, talent, compassion, friendship, and will only add to the most precious moments of your life. She's no stranger- she keeps it real- which is something that we felt we needed in a photographer for our engagement and wedding shots. You'll see yourself in the photographs she takes because they're real, they're love, & they're you.

We were so busy enjoying our guests that the night flew by, and when it was over we noticed that we forgot to experience a lot of the meticulously planned details. And this my friends is where we made the best decision one can make; meet Laurken Kendall. Not only did her pictures capture details of our wedding day that we weren’t able to see, recall or even experience, but they are forever captured in the most beautiful, elegant, organic photos which we proudly have for the rest of time. Laurken was able to immerse herself in our wedding and chronicle our friends, families and the love we share for one another in pictures which are beautifully shot and tell stories of great depth and soul.

Laurken created not only memories but art that I’ll forever cherish to tell our love story. She made my husband and I comfortable to just be us in front of the camera. She goes above and beyond to not only be your photographer but also calm your nerves and make you and your partner feel so special. These images are priceless to me. Highly recommend! I hope she will be taking our families photos for years to come!

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I will give you tangible mementos of your loves that will last a lifetimelong after your spouse has soft, wrinkled fingers, long after your memories of the day we took them have faded away into the depths of your mind.




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