Let me guide you

I’m doing this because I’ve been where you have. I have been miserable in my work. I have been artistically frustrated and cried after editing the same photos for the second or third time because I don’t know what I like anymore. Have you every shown up to a session with damp palms, your brain frozen in fear and unable to think of anything creative, only to go home and wish you would have done differently?

I have sworn off photography only to wake up the next day, my fingers aching for the weight of my camera and my heart telling me to push through one more shoot because it’s what I’m meant for but my brain so jumbled and blocked and confused that I don’t know which direction to go or what I can be doing to help myself and further my business.

Do you know what I do in these times? I find guidance. I seek out someone that I admire, whether in business acumen or artistic prowess, because I need them to breathe the life back into my work and get that fire burning under my ass.

Being an eternal student myself, I think its important to pass along the knowledge that I have gained from my personal experiences and practices in this industry. I promise I will pour everything I know into you. No barriers, no off limit questions. Just me and you, and some serious conversation.


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