So first of all, I nearly died of happiness when I saw the overalls Rachel put on. And she looked killer in them. I slow clapped in my head when she walked in the room, and thats the truth. Factor in their artfully decorated spaces and the fact that they were willing to feed each other crackers on a whim and we had, in my humble opinion, a perfect morning spent in their sun-soaked rooms. Rachel and Mike are also photographers, which makes for even more camaraderie. I also decided to make another Love Film (check out the first one here), a side passion that has found its way into my “work” life (this isn’t really work) and has become something of a new obsession. I love making movies, as much as I love taking photos. The two go hand in hand for me, and filming people  has only increased my love for this craft. Feel the love.



This is my favorite shoot of yours! You can really feel the cozy love between the two. & their style is awesome!