When everything goes to shit, improvisation is necessary.

We all were there for 2020- you know exactly what I’m talking about. Alyssa and Dustin decided it was best to scrap the big wedding and have an intimate wedding with close family. During one of our FaceTime meet ups, I made a characteristically lame joke about her needing to prepare to get knocked up because 99% of my 2019 brides had become pregnant and I was getting texts about being a fertility charm/someone to blame. Alyssa laughed and then called me two weeks later to tell me she was pregnant.

I was the only one laughing then. I’ve done my time, I earned it.

So with the impending new arrival in mind, Alyssa and Dustin decided it was best to do something quieter. Something more intimate. Something with just the two of them (and me).

At one point, I did force Dustin to hand me the canoe paddle, promising I knew what I was doing, only to maroon us in a sandbar 30 seconds later. He didnt talk to my husband prior, so how could he have known I have a huge false sense of capability.

The word of the day was ‘tender’. A sweet little baby nestled right there in her belly on the day her parents promised to meet in the middle for all time.