Liya + Igor Snoqualmie WA Couples Photos

Liya is a Russian princess with the most incredible mermaid hair in the world (and she wants to cut it and I vote no and will start a petition soon) and Igor ( FREAKING IGOR IS THE BEST NAME FOR A DUDE EVER) wears leather driving gloves to steer to his ultra cool European whatsit that I want to own.  This session actually only occurred because Morgan of In Frames Photography invited me to come shoot a wedding with her in Seattle (which I didn’t get to do because life) and I stalked Liya online and asked her to come play at Snoqualmie Falls with us.

Heres the thing about Snoqualmie Falls: you cannot actually get to it without risking life and limb. They have absolute made it no easy task to get down to the actual falls.

After some frustration, we ended up settling for the river shoreline. And then of course the car, which was not in the original plan. As soon as we saw them pull up in it we knew it was on though.

Anyway, here is some shots I took from their session. I hope you’re picking up what I’m putting out.


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  • Literally! The most talent of any one I follow!

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