I truly have zero time for blog maintenance right now, but wanted to share SOMETHING of all the beautiful couples I have worked with recently. This set is actually from a mentor session  with Tara Peach  (check her work here)  who came all the way from Canada to spice up her creative life. We spent ALL DAY together, doing this in-home and another outdoor session I will share soon. I taught her my methods and she challenged me with her questions. We grew a little bit together.  She actually drove back to Canada this same night after we spent an hour getting seriously hangry after the second session at this pizza joint I will literally never return to again because of inexplicably long wait.

Here she is gettin down:


Thank you Tara! Had an amazing time with you!!


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Here are a shit ton of photos from that awesome day:





She sits on his lap during this spokane in home session they almost kiss during this spokane in home session He picks her up off her feet in Spokane