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Forewarning, this is a monster blog post but it has to be because this wedding was actually printed in BRIDES magazine!!!

(Here is the digital article from BRIDES


Casa Chorro wedding published in Brides

Laurken Kendall published Bride's magazine

Okay, moving on from less ego inflating photos-

This is what it looks like when you book me for an entire wedding weekend.  Rye and Charlie had me come down to San Miguel de Allende (go RIGHT now) and shoot their incredible two day wedding event this past fall and let me first say that everyone knows that I had a good time once the tequila started being pushed into my fingers during the reception and confetti started raining from the sky. Such a travesty to be half Dominican and not even have half the dance skills that are supposed to be inherent. I feel robbed. Here is the last shot of the night (before I photographed the exit and rode away with Rye and Charlie in their VW bug after a 18 hour work day). 

If that didn’t make you want to hire me right now, I don’t understand.

Tucked into one of the many painted houses, I spent my weekend in SMA chasing Rye down cobblestone streets with my camera, dancing with a donkey in a tequila parade (a pre-wedding Mexican ceremony) and stuffing my face with hazelnut pies and tacos with my right- hand woman and little Mexican nugget, Ana. This bitch was wearing nothing but sweatpants for a week after as evidence.

A note on my second shooter, Ana Hinojosa. I NEVER EVER EVER use second shooters. Because I’m a control freak and I  already have kids at home and dont want to babysit, but I knew that this wedding was going to be a beast and I wanted the best. Ana is everything I ever wanted in a second shooter. An incredible photographer in her own right, she not only murdered some wedding photos with me but she also was my constant companion, my tequila drinking buddy and now my forever friend.

I fucking love you Ana.

I had so many amazing moments at this wedding among which are the tequila donkey parade, our sunrise bridal session over SMA, oh! and who can forget  Myriah beating the shit out of  a 5 foot disco ball piñata and snapping her stick over her friends face (photos in receptions section below).

I also kissed the bride myself and can testify she’s a keeper.

Thinking it over, we might actually be legally married in Mexico because immediately after she fed Charlie the first slice of wedding cake, she walked over and fed me a bite as well.

And let it never be said that I wont do anything to get the shot

And here is one of the last shots of the night, me and Rye having a weird dance hug.

Laurken Kendall hugs her bride

I can’t imagine this reception ever being topped, but I do dare you to try. And make sure I’m there. That last part is important.

So now, I leave you to enjoy this Jimi Hendrix inspired Mexican disco wedding.

Rue De Seine dress in Casa Chorro Wedding Mexico during San Miguel de allende wedding

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Second Shooter: Ana Hinojosa

Florist: Maye Cordova events

Venue: Casa Chorro 

Dress: Rue de Seine

Suit: JHillBurn

Invitations: WYE HUNTER

Videographer: Simone Luca

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  1. Just cry face emojis. All around. You’re honestly so incredible. I’m so happy i got to marry you both. Hahahaha WE LOVE YOUUUU

  2. This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The bride’s aesthetic and the way you captured it… absolute perfection.

    Also, do you know where her getting ready robe is from? It’s perfection

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