Part of what I do with my in-home couples (and all my couples)  is have them have fill out a detailed couples session questionnaire (NEW to the shop! You can get the one I’ve created and use for my own couples here. ) prior to their  sessions. This helps me gather information about personalities, past experiences with photography and how they love each other. Photography in itself is a labor of love and  photographing couples is the literal personification of that idea. I perform my best when I have a deep understanding of the souls I’m working with, who they are together and what they’re like separately.   I was at a wedding when I picked these two up. The dance floor is one of my favorite places to meet couples and this sentence sounds sexual in nature.   Katie and TJ were tearing it up in a 10 sq. foot space, working every inch, so into each other that I couldn’t tear my eyes away from them. The air between them was alive and I couldn’t get enough. I had to have them, so I walked up, laid on my best lines and a few months later, here we were.   Katie and TJ filled out their in-home couples questionnaire and I saw that one of the things they always do together is fold the laundry on their bed together. I loved this concept and built their shoot around it. We truly had the best morning together. This shoot was also part of an in-person mentorship with a wonderful woman/photographer named Ruthie Crofts who came from Utah to spend some time learning about business and about how I work with my couples. Thank you Katie and TJ for your vulnerability.  I adore you two. L

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Laurken, your work is truly inspiring! I love watching you grow.