This is a summer anniversary session. Just your run of the mill, summer anniversary session. How many times can I write the words summer. anniversary. session. <- I say that for the benefit of SEO and google and all the things I don’t understand about the internet. It’s probably the wrong approach but I gave it my all.

Savana and Trey drove all the way out to my farm for this session. Mostly because it was the dead of harvest and I couldn’t get away to photograph them anywhere else. I hauled wheat to the elevator all day and then got out of the truck in time for a quick shower so I didnt have chaff in my eyes while I took pictures.

I loved being with Sav and Trey- they made my job so easy. I spend a lot of time with my couples prior to their shoots- getting to know them together in all the good and bad ways,- which inspires me during the session and helps me to paint their history into their photographs. Savana did not get this from me as I was living a hectic harvest life. She and Trey came into it with no preparation and presented me with open hearts and a trust that I felt.

Like any relationship, if there’s no trust then there cant be growth and I have to feel trusted in order to perform, simple as that. They didnt put expectations on me, they didnt ask for anything, only that I actively observe, which is exactly what I did.

I love these photos- they were inspired by Savana and Trey and couldn’t have been of anyone else.

Thank you S+T for everything. Truly.