Heather+ Chris Lake Roosevelt Engagement

Now that fall is here I wanted to remind everyone that it was once summer and you could comfortably go outside in what are essentially jean underwear. This is not a complaint on my part. Summer is my least favorite of all the seasons. I do not like the heat whatsoever. I like to have my body covered from the crown of my dry shampooed head to my long skinny skele-toes. Bring on all the pumpkin spice and wool socks, this girl is a basic bitch. Heather and Chris are yet another of those couples that found me on the Instagram app. They were about to leave the PNW so Heather could go work for a hospital in LA. They pulled up with their canoe (that had flown off the trailer on the way over) and a bag of clothes. They sipped a little vodka while I picked the looks and we went for it. The amazing thing about Instagram is that, in the way I use it, I am able to connect with people like me. My couples and I bond almost instantly, every single time. We laugh and hug and play, we acknowledge how silly and stupid the process can be and we end up parting with friendship and a few good inside jokes. I always say that I’m not a business, I am a human looking for other humans that want me to tell their story, my way. My clients do not constrict me to a Pinterest list of photos and shots they want. They let me tell their story, at my pace, in my way, but with their permission. We work together and achieve amazing things. On the banks of the lake, Heather and Chris made their photo story come to life and I soaked it all in.                            Adore you two souls.   Fin.

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