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At Home in the Tomato Garden// B+M

At home photography will always remain my favorite. It’s where I started and it’s what continues to make me feel the most inspired. I often have to stop myself from hyper focusing on the human beings in order to set the scene. I get fixated on the bodies and the feelings and have even walked away from a session realizing I didn’t get any photographs that anchor the location or the time. I guess that could be looked at as a barometer of being in alignment with creativity and passion. These types of sessions are always a trust fall and sometimes I find myself manically jumping from one idea to the next (as is illustrated below) once I get going. The obsessive nature takes over and off we go. I recognize that I am an emotional leach, so each set of subjects inspires a different viewpoint, a different set of actions and therefore a different feeling, which is what its all about. Britt and Matt are the example I would model for all of my couples. They opened themselves to the experience in such a way that the creative symbiosis flowed from the first minute and it was like I’d photographed them before. I left soulfully satisfied. Thank you B+M for this day. Want to learn from me? Visit The Mother Photographer. Edited with ODS 1 and 2 from On Dark Sheets Preset Pack

Summer Anniversary Session// Savana+Trey

This is a summer anniversary session. Just your run of the mill, summer anniversary session. How many times can I write the words summer. anniversary. session. <- I say that for the benefit of SEO and google and all the things I don’t understand about the internet. It’s probably the wrong approach but I gave it my all. Savana and Trey drove all the way out to my farm for this session. Mostly because it was the dead of harvest and I couldn’t get away to photograph them anywhere else. I hauled wheat to the elevator all day and then got out of the truck in time for a quick shower so I didnt have chaff in my eyes while I took pictures. I loved being with Sav and Trey- they made my job so easy. I spend a lot of time with my couples prior to their shoots- getting to know them together in all the good and bad ways,- which inspires me during the session and helps me to paint their history into their photographs. Savana did not get this from me as I was living a hectic harvest life. She and Trey came into it with no preparation and presented me with open hearts and a trust that I felt. Like any relationship, if there’s no trust then there cant be growth and I have to feel trusted in order to perform, simple as that. They didnt put expectations on me, they didnt ask for anything, only that I actively observe, which is exactly what I did. I love these photos- they were inspired by Savana and Trey and couldn’t have been of anyone else. Thank you S+T for everything. Truly.

Camping Engagements// Brooke + Jonathan

Couple embracing during camping couples session with Laurken Kendall.

This post is long overdue. These are not camping engagements but rather a relationship art session to mark another period of time this husband and wife have spent together. Google doesn’t care about that though. Google only cares that it says camping engagements. Its day seventy hundred 32 five of quarantine induced psychopathy. Everyday is Groundhog Day. I am Bill Murray. Saturday and Monday are the same thing. It doesn’t matter what I do the day before, the next day is exactly the same. Breakfast-homeschool-gym-chores-dinner-netflix-bed. Repeat. There are a few new developments like I have begun power washing the bricks on my house. I bought a beekeepers outfit. I’m on a 3 am to 9 am sleep schedule. I hide things of my husbands for the entertainment of watching him look for it. I learned how to use a compound miter saw. I prank my kids by walking into their bedrooms backwards at night with various masks on facing the direction I’m walking. I have started blaming that bitch Carole Baskins for everything. So I guess I am growing in some ways. These two spend a lot of time outdoors and camping so when we were conceptualizing their couples session, we decided to integrate those parts of them into their photos. I loved being in their energy; watching them balance each other with Brooke constantly holding a laugh on the edge of her beautiful mouth and Jonathan in his affability and kind eyes. They let me in, let me learn about them and we spent our time creating something just for them. And selfishly of course, for me. Your Narrative blog will appear here, click preview to see it live.For any issues click here

In Home Session// Hailes+ Tay

Laurken Kendall in home couples photography

I will never EVER stop loving in home couples sessions. Like ever. My creative soul cries for them when I go to long without shooting one.They are the thing I love photographing most. I feel like I’m constantly saying this but I LOVE THESE PEOPLE. Generous is a word I am fortunate enough to use with a lot of my couples, but Hailey would literally give the shirt off of her back to anyone who needed it. I also photographed their wedding, and the kindness and magnanimity she exuded to the people in her life, even on HER day, touched me to my soul. She is a literal angel on earth. Like most of my couples, Hailes and Tay reside states away and therefore we were never going to get to physically be together until their wedding day. Then Hailey decided to come mentor with me (she’s an incredible storyteller in her own right) which allowed us a quick in home session.   While I normally advocate to shoot these types of couples sessions in people’s ACTUAL homes- the places where all the love and fighting occur- a small corner of this airbnb worked out fine. The room was the blank page, the words were their chemistry and comfort together. The story was beautiful. The background really doesn’t matter, in the end. I also have to say-  Tay is such an emotionally available human- he walks around with his heart bared for all to see and cries freely when something ignites his soul, which Hailey does frequently. I loved loved loved getting to be with these two. Photographing them was not even something that can be called work. It was a pleasure and an honor. I love you H+T. Black is white is life rn.        

Darcy+Joey: Cape Kiwanda Adventure

In May, I went to Cape Kiwanda on the Oregon coast and I never wanted to leave. I am a constant victim of Instagram wanderlust and this is one of the places that always gives me gaga eyes when it pops up on a photographers feed. Shooting there was a dream. I met Darcy and Joey in the parking lot of a beach where my second son Wiley (pictured below from that day)and I were eating blue popsicles. The day was not what I expected, as usual. It ended up being really cloudy and foggy when I had pictured a rich and warm sunset. I dressed myself and my kids in our summer best that day because I’m not that bright and decided that since it was 80 in Portland where we were staying, it must be 80 at Cape Kiwanda as well. We all ended up freezing our asses off in 50 degree weather but spent the day playing in the sand and eating snow cones nonetheless. This couples session was my first in Oregon and also marked my first time on the Oregon coast. Darcy gave me the old “good luck, we’re SO awkward” line right off the bat and immediately contradicted herself the second we started shooting. The chemistry is undeniable, even in front of a stranger with a camera, and I have found that the more ridiculous people feel, the better the photos because they laugh and fidget the entire time. Joey had me laughing along the way, and the three of us spent a couple hours climbing rocks, chasing crashing waves and rolling in the sand. I am so grateful to you two for this experience and I cannot wait to document your wedding next summer.                    You two <3

Home// Rachel+Mike// Spokane WA

So first of all, I nearly died of happiness when I saw the overalls Rachel put on. And she looked killer in them. I slow clapped in my head when she walked in the room, and thats the truth. Factor in their artfully decorated spaces and the fact that they were willing to feed each other crackers on a whim and we had, in my humble opinion, a perfect morning spent in their sun-soaked rooms. Rachel and Mike are also photographers, which makes for even more camaraderie. I also decided to make another Love Film (check out the first one here), a side passion that has found its way into my “work” life (this isn’t really work) and has become something of a new obsession. I love making movies, as much as I love taking photos. The two go hand in hand for me, and filming people  has only increased my love for this craft. Feel the love.