Laurken Kendall







At Home in the Tomato Garden// B+M

At home photography will always remain my favorite. It’s where I started and it’s what continues to make me feel the most inspired. I often have to stop myself from hyper focusing on the human beings in order to set the scene. I get fixated on the bodies and the feelings and have even walked […]

In Home Session// Hailes+ Tay

Laurken Kendall in home couples photography

I will never EVER stop loving in home couples sessions. Like ever. My creative soul cries for them when I go to long without shooting one.They are the thing I love photographing most. I feel like I’m constantly saying this but I LOVE THESE PEOPLE. Generous is a word I am fortunate enough to use […]

Myriah+Charlie At Home in Dallas TX

In November, I flew to Austin, drove to Dallas the same day to photograph a couple, drove back to Austin the next day, photographed another couple and then flew home. It was an exhausting three days but totally worth it. I drove with my  highschool best friend back and forth between the two cities and we […]

India+Jay Salt Lake City Anniversary

If you’re a photographer, the chick in these photos needs no introduction (see: India Earl, photography goddess).  I went to Utah to watch the teachings of my artistic idol and soul sister, Brooke Johnson of BlushbyB Photography  and I was invited to stay with India and her then-incredibly hairy husband Jay for the weekend. (sidenote I also used Brooke’s awesome […]

Liya + Igor Snoqualmie WA Couples Photos

Liya is a Russian princess with the most incredible mermaid hair in the world (and she wants to cut it and I vote no and will start a petition soon) and Igor ( FREAKING IGOR IS THE BEST NAME FOR A DUDE EVER) wears leather driving gloves to steer to his ultra cool European whatsit […]

Utah Anniversary Photos

Oh my my my. I adore these two people. I was incredibly excited when Nicole and Ammon invited me to Utah to shoot an in-home couples session for their wedding anniversary. My husband tagged along and we decided to spend our two downs in Vegas and drive to Utah to shoot these two. I decided I […]