Scarlet+Anthony// Seattle WA Maternity

Ahh, maternity, maternity, maternity. That thing where us females grow actual humans inside our bodies in a very alien-esque process. I need to say this, and I don’t mean it lightly- I love these two so much. Right off the bat, you need to know that Anthony has a concerning  Neil Diamond obsession and Scarlett is a strawberry haired wingless angel. What’s awesome about this set is that it represents the first time a dude (he somehow started a trend) has contacted me about surprising his lady with a piece of their story in photos. No one is more deserving of a such a gift than Scar. She is like opening the window in a stuffy room. She’s a blanket when you’re cold. She loves you with words+ actions and radiates some indescribable thing that makes you constantly want to hug her. Anthony was performing at the Canadian version of the Grammys and wanted to shoot down the day after for some photos in western Washingtons moody, wet pines. I scoured Airbnb for the perfect place and found The Green A Frame in beautiful Packwood ,WA. The warm wood tones with big openings for the  gray light of the forest to spill onto the floor felt like the right place to tell such an intimate story. A waiting story. You see, heres the thing about Scarlet- she’s always waiting. Her great love is a keyboard banging god in a famous Canadian rock band and the music carries him away from her, across foreign water and rocks, again and again.  So she waits for him, busying her hands and  mind against the slow moving drum of the face on the wall with her photography. Ticking away the molasses minutes of the day until he wraps her up again in arms that have been absent for too long and yet feel as if they never left. And now, she waits for someone else. The little body she cradles inside is a tender mystery to those of us who watch the newcomer ripple beneath her skin. Scarlet  just laughs in a moment like this, absently rubbing her hand over her babies soft home, whispering something under her breath that no one can catch, leaning her little stranger against the kitchen counter. I love her so much. Anthony, her devoted, ribs me for asking her to get on the counter but dutifully lifts her up, one cute butt cheek at a time, and sets her down like a jar thats full to the brim of the last of the water in the world. Now there are three. A love worth always waiting for.                           Fin.   Safety first, then teamwork   L  

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