Scarlet+Anthony// Seattle WA Maternity

Ahh, maternity, maternity, maternity. That thing where us females grow actual humans inside our bodies in a very alien-esque process. I need to say this, and I don’t mean it lightly- I love these two so much. Right off the bat, you need to know that Anthony has a concerning  Neil Diamond obsession and Scarlett is a strawberry haired wingless angel. What’s awesome about this set is that it represents the first time a dude (he somehow started a trend) has contacted me about surprising his lady with a piece of their story in photos. No one is more deserving of a such a gift than Scar. She is like opening the window in a stuffy room. She’s a blanket when you’re cold. She loves you with words+ actions and radiates some indescribable thing that makes you constantly want to hug her. Anthony was performing at the Canadian version of the Grammys and wanted to shoot down the day after for some photos in western Washingtons moody, wet pines. I scoured Airbnb for the perfect place and found The Green A Frame in beautiful Packwood ,WA. The warm wood tones with big openings for the  gray light of the forest to spill onto the floor felt like the right place to tell such an intimate story. A waiting story. You see, heres the thing about Scarlet- she’s always waiting. Her great love is a keyboard banging god in a famous Canadian rock band and the music carries him away from her, across foreign water and rocks, again and again.  So she waits for him, busying her hands and  mind against the slow moving drum of the face on the wall with her photography. Ticking away the molasses minutes of the day until he wraps her up again in arms that have been absent for too long and yet feel as if they never left. And now, she waits for someone else. The little body she cradles inside is a tender mystery to those of us who watch the newcomer ripple beneath her skin. Scarlet  just laughs in a moment like this, absently rubbing her hand over her babies soft home, whispering something under her breath that no one can catch, leaning her little stranger against the kitchen counter. I love her so much. Anthony, her devoted, ribs me for asking her to get on the counter but dutifully lifts her up, one cute butt cheek at a time, and sets her down like a jar thats full to the brim of the last of the water in the world. Now there are three. A love worth always waiting for.                           Fin.   Safety first, then teamwork   L  

Carena+Garrett// Columbia River Gorge Engagements

Its April and I already feel like I’m having an identity crisis. If you’re an artist or entrepreneur or any type of human that creates any type of thing, then you might relate to this sentiment. I have no idea who I am right now, or what I like. I can’t even tell you what my favorite color is. In honesty though, I think I mostly pick black for everything and maybe never had a favorite. I am too mercurial for favorite things. Except Nutella and cherry vanilla cream cokes. Those things never change. I even smoked (Camel menthols) for more years than I like to acknowledge, woke up one day and decided I didn’t like it anymore and never picked up another one. This is how I live my life. Something you might not know about photography, and an area in which I’m happy to enlighten you- editing is a friggen struggle. There exist this never ending color spectrum, texture options and contrast choices and its overwhelming. Then Instagram forces you into a serious case of comparison pox. If you happened to be happy with your work or yourself before, just take a scroll.  Now you hate all the things. This isn’t just me, either. It’s all of my industry friends and anyone I’ve ever mentored. We all say the same thing every three months, on rotation, with various areas of focused disdain. The cycle of self loathing and doubt plays and replays again on the record player of life, asking you to hate yourself and bring a friend down with you. This morning I woke up with a #nottodaysatan attitude and I’m hanging on, with some struggle, but still. I’ve called my best friend Erin (@erinorthcutt) only every nine minutes since I got up so she can talk me out of deleting my entire Instagram feed. So this is where I’m at today, and I’m okay putting it out into the world that I doubt myself. I think if we all acknowledged the doubt then we would feel much less alone in it.   Anyway, on to the good stuff. Carena and Garett are getting married and I’ma be there for that too. They wanted a GIF for their wedding website and I am all about making my couples happy happy happy, so here it is. Look at these badasses. God, I love my couples.         Cue the photos:                  

Sonora+Eli Portland Couples Session

I shot this in Portland this past summer when I went to shoot another gorgeous engagement session that still needs to live on my site. I know that I’m supposed to write long descriptive words here, describing how amazing this couple was (which they were) and what a good time I had (which I did) but its 1 am on a Thursday and I have to get my kids to school tomorrow and pack to leave my house for six days, so I’m going to say screw SEO and hit the sheets. Safety first, then teamwork. I’m out.    

Myriah+Charlie At Home in Dallas TX

In November, I flew to Austin, drove to Dallas the same day to photograph a couple, drove back to Austin the next day, photographed another couple and then flew home. It was an exhausting three days but totally worth it. I drove with my  highschool best friend back and forth between the two cities and we hit all the chick fil a’s along the way. All of them. I introduced her to my favorite drink at Sonic- a cherry vanilla cream coke, which she is now addicted to- and we watched a deer get absolutely obliterated by a Range Rover in an act of violence I’m still trying to unsee. We also went to some sort of weird outdoor ice sculpture, lighting -factory- rave -dance -party thing where the pants were really high like the people. We were in bed by 11.  All in all, Austin is getting closer to Portland and did not disappoint in sights or cuisine. Myriah and Charlie were the first of the weekend and their place is so much better than mine. Their water facets are all in working order and they have trim on their walls and windows (husband, if you’re reading this, its been three years, put my friggen house back together). They have actual style and taste and the kind of stuff that wasn’t included in my DNA. Myriah is a beautiful pixie tater tot human and Charlie is her handsome devoted dude.  She is five whole feet of fiery unicorn beauty and I, in all my Shrekness, wanted to carry her around on my back all day. She is the designer of Opal Milk jewelry and also made the robe she is wearing in this set. Style for days and days.  Their Mexican wedding in San Miguel is going to be one of the highlights of my year and I am so excited to do this thing with them. This is going to be one of my longest photo sets to date on this blog because I literally spent four hours with them. I could have hung out with them all day. We did the whole in-home thing that has my heart and then hit their two favorite places in a walk around Dallas. One being a moody coffee shop and the other being an awesome hang out with food trucks. I ate and ate and ate on this trip. This year Im hoping to be able to practice willpower (my word for the year) and not hit every single restaurant I come across while traveling. I am a sugar addict and get dessert with every meal no matter how full I am, so trying to break that habit while my travel schedule for the year looms ahead will be a monumental feat. Also, emotional eating but I digress. Side note: we did make a love film, but I’m waiting on a new computer to edit it, so that will be added to blog post in the near future. Cant wait to get to work on that. Anyway, without further adieu, take a gander at Rye and Charlie’s beautiful loft and love.     Look how vain I am:   On with it:       

India+Jay Salt Lake City Anniversary

If you’re a photographer, the chick in these photos needs no introduction (see: India Earl, photography goddess).  I went to Utah to watch the teachings of my artistic idol and soul sister, Brooke Johnson of BlushbyB Photography  and I was invited to stay with India and her then-incredibly hairy husband Jay for the weekend. (sidenote I also used Brooke’s awesome presets on these photos so check them on her site, linked above^. ) India is another in a multitude of Instagram friendships that I’ve developed this past year. The photo below is a fitting substitute for how I first officially saw her in person that first day at her house when I walked in on her peeing on that very toilet. We laughed and went to Chick Fil A.   Typically, husbands are less interested in chatting with the house guest but Jay felt like a little brother and we bonded over political trash talk and a love of metal music and coffee. We spent a night in an escape room and I didn’t even try to solve anything but took credit during photo time, emphasizing participation with my best crazy eyes.   They cruelly introduced me to Chronic Tacos, which I now cannot find locally and invited me into their tight knit group of friends. I met my birthday twin and spent three hours playing charades (without alcohol) which is highly unlike me.  (Shout out to Syd for the constant mind reading with special mention to Nate for making grandma laugh).   Oh also, Love Vid:     Next time I go to Utah I have goals that include actually seeing Utah and not just the inside of fast food restaurants and a half mile radius of the city. Mountains were pretty from the highway though! Thank you Jay and India for the privilege of photographically marking this time of your life. May you have many happy years and a million more photos.                     Real quick, I want to just show love to everyone I saw in Utah, who shared meals with me (Blake and Autumn) or let me steal their car (I love you Morgan) and to everyone else who invited me out but I didn’t have to time to see. Next time for sure! Love each other.   L   Below are some of my favorite humans and photographers from Utah who deserve the utmost recognition for their work so if you have time, check it:   Morgan of In Frames Photography Blake Hogge Photography Autumn Nicole Photography

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