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One of the things I truly truly love and value about my couples is how insanely different they all are while simultaneously being almost exactly the same. They love different things, different people, have different ideas about their weddings, the world, different decor, different goals but they are all the same kind of people- kind, sarcastic, hilarious, empathetic and so worthy of all the love in the world, my heart literally wants to explode just thinking about all of them. The ones that live on this website are only a small sample of the hearts that I have fallen in love with over the years.

I’m not bullshitting you or myself when I say my couples are the absolute best humans walking this planet.


I don’t even know where to begin with these two wonderful creeps.  They came all the way to Spokane for their engagement photos, where they met me with a box of cheese curds and beer from their home state,  a faraway and mysterious land called Wisconsin.  They then proceeded to get matching tattoos at Anchored Art here in Spokane,  while I squatted over them with my camera .

Next, we skipped off to an ancient cemetery- because sure- and shot next to a beautiful mausoleum. We spent about 20 minutes wondering through the old head stones, pointing out the stories carved into each one and wondering why life was cruel to the young and kinder to the old.

Flash forward to their Wisconsin wedding a few months later. I call this the Dead wedding because all the decor was just that – deceased. From the skull shaped macrame backdrop to the rare moth Tess gave Jackson as a gift, to the expired animal centerpieces. She definitely had the heaviest bouquet I’ve ever held to boot and her beloved grandma was her flower girl. This  Sunday wedding absolutely screamed Tess+Jackson.

PS: They said they wanted different and were down for anything.(Nighttime portraits.)

Want to read more about these two? They spilled their guts over on Green Wedding Shoes where this wedding was featured.



DRESS: Rue de Seine

SUIT: Noose and Monkey

VENUE: The Atrium Milwaukee

FLORIST: The Flower Mill

CAKE: Lindas Bakery

CATERER: Bel Air Cantina



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