Inside is an intimate one-day  photography workshop that focuses on the nitty gritty of shooting and directing in-home photo sessions, as well as the fundamentals of how I do business, giving you a blueprint to get what both you and your client need to make everyone happy.

 I will pour all I know about creating emotional imagery and cover my entire business//workflow as well as sharing the tools that have helped make me more efficient and happier in business.

Then I will show you how I direct with an in-home shoot with concrete formulas for creating genuine emotion in images, where you will have time to watch me work and also get in there yourself. Boost your portfolio while taking some time to nurture your creative soul

And of course, good food.

Tickets are on a first come, first serve basis. I want to keep this as personal as possible to create a the best experience.


GUEST SPEAKER CATALINA JEAN OF SEOISFUN! will give a 30 minute talk on how to best optimize your site/blog/online presence to bring the right clients to you and make sure your work is being seen.

** Tickets are non-refundable but are transferable.


2019 Dates








SEPTEMBER 12, 2019






Workshops typically sell out in an hour. Email to get notifications on new workshop dates as they are released.

The Inside Workshop was my first workshop. I see workshops as a way for photographers to abuse their popularity and rip off other photographers that don't have a huge following. They give them all these pretty people in  a pretty location and then just go wild.  Also, I went to college for photography, I know pretentious, but I wanted to learn EVERYTHING, so I didnt feel a need to go to workshops because of schooling. So why did I go to the Inside Workshop, because I wanted to be apart of a community and I wanted to try workshops maybe I would learn something different.AND I TOTALLY DID!!! I took so many notes and learned how to be MYSELF with my couple and not some dickhead. You know as a photographer or artist, you have this tiny voice that tells you, "don’t do this because of what other people are doing or go with trends!" but listening and watching Laurken be herself has truly pushed me to be myself!  Truly, happy that I attended Laurken's workshop. She let us into her world and if it wasn’t for that then I would still be too scared to be myself with my couples and I wouldn’t have met so many wonderful people from the workshop! Dude fuck it, just go already and experience Laurken!

Some of the best advice I was given years ago was to surround yourself with people who encourage and inspire you. I was in a major creative rut and losing my joy for what I loved to do this past year. Happens to everyone— but I mean it was a really rough, heart breaking year for me and I needed to be pushed and inspired again. I saw Laurken was having her first Inside Workshop in Portland and I didn’t even second guess the impulsive decision to book a flight and go and learn from the badass, beautiful woman herself! It was the best thing I did for my business and for me. I’ve been to larger workshops before, but hers was just what I needed. It wasn’t some “believe in yourself”, repetitive bs, with 70+ photographers crowding around. It was intimate and REAL. She actually cares. About you. About her couples. No matter what! Her honesty was refreshing. She teaches you how to break boundaries; how to be real and raw in your work and overall, life. Most importantly, she reminded me why I fell in love with photography in the first place. Laurken had us crying and laughing with her throughout the day. She puts her whole heart into her work. She’s a freaking incredible artist! And I’m so thankful and honored I had the chance to learn from her. Now do yourself a favor, and go to The Inside Workshop!!! It’ll be the best decision you’ll make. Promise.

Laurken in every shape & form truly understands this business down to a T. Not only has she mastered her craft, she is 100000% real. Everything she did, she put her whole heart and soul into making sure each and everyone one of us was getting her undivided attention. There’s some people who hide what they know because they are afraid. Laurken does not hold anything back. I’m telling you that going to her workshop completely changed not only the way I look at my business, but how I view myself. You’ll laugh until you cant breathe & you’ll cry with her because that’s how passionate she is about what she does. If you are struggling in anyway, thinking you can’t keep up with all the big dogs, this workshop is for you. Don’t walk, run.

I wanted to learn and be apart of a workshop that was going to stretch me, put me out of my comfort zone, be creative, and vulnerable. The inside workshop did that! Going to Laurken's Workshop was the best investment for me personally and for my business. There’s no one like her! She’s such an incredible soul, truly a person you just want to be around. Her personality makes you feel so comfortable and encourages you to be different, laugh and have a great time. Laurken is such a talented artist. Her movement, her stories, her colors, her work is just incredible! I feel that I was able to get out of my typical norm of shooting and test my own vulnerabilities. Her workshop also gave me more confidence in shooting indoor, which is huge! I feel that it was such a privilege and honor to be at her workshop. I can’t wait for the next one I’m able to attend so I can not only hang out with her but watch her talent and learn how she tells stories of real people.

Inside rocked my photog life!! It changed the way I do what I do and helped break those barriers keeping me from getting all up in my people's space. LK's meow echoed in my ears for weeks after, maybe months lol because when in doubt meow! I seriously had the best time time learning from the badass LK is and shooting with an amazing group of photogs. You leave with so much useful information + good as photos to use forever. People on the fence about Inside don't be JUST DO IT! You'll love yourself for going and Laurken even more after. Goooo! You won't regret it I promise. It's the only workshop I'll ever go to again.

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