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This is a Tofino Resort Wedding. I am saying Tofino Resort Wedding so that google recognizes that I said Tofino Resort Wedding. Tofino Resort wedding anyone? Perfect.

I will never ever ever forget Ronans dancing. In my 33 years I have never seen someone who hears a beat and just gots to move his feet with that level of intensity. He is a force to be reckoned with when the DJ starts spinning, and according to the speeches at dinner, used to be doing mostly the same things with more ferocity and less clothing. I laughed so fucking hard at those speeches. Unrelated hot take: everyone starts their speeches with “for those of you who don’t know me.” Everyone. Let’s do something different, people. I mouth it every time someone new brings their lips to the microphone. I actually had a groom (you Joey ) who sent an email to everyone slated to give speeches forbidding them from saying “for those of you who don’t know me” and of course that backfired to that point that it was used multiple times a speech. Classic.

I had never been to Tofino or Canada (as an adult and not a drunk teen) for that matter. Moody coastal movie vibrations is all I can say. Oh wait, I’d like to add food truck hipster haven. Also great coffee and soap.

The guests at their wedding were cooler than me and impressive and I spent two hours after my time had ended speaking with a gorgeous woman who is a tour stylist in LA that I now stalk on instagram. Lucky her.

Katie is a 70s queen and the spot she chose to get ready was absolutely and unequivocally who she would were she a house. The owner should have just handed her the deed. The only thing Ronan is obsessed with is his basset hound Leo, who sadly didn’t make it. Not in life, just to the wedding. Ronan wore his floppy eared compadre on his socks to make up for it.

Also the DJ was SO good.

K+R- 2019 was the best year of my life, brought to me by people like you. (dont sue me PBS)

Miss both of you so much.


Venue: Tofino Resort + Marina

Planner: Rare Earth Weddings

Florals: Wildbloom Floral Design

Dress: Loversland

Suit: Indochino

Paper Goods: The Wildflower Creative (@thewldflowercreative)

DJ: DJ Nick Bike (@djnickbike)

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