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Here are the highlights of my 2021- 2022 Travel Year. If you want to book something while I'm in your area, make your way to the Contact for above and send me a note.


Laurken is the type of person that can walk into any room and make every single person in it feel like a fucking rock star. She captures moments that you don’t even know exist until you see the pictures. She makes magic and is generous enough with her talent that she always make you feel like it was your idea. . Through the wedding process, Laurken became a lifelong friend. We will absolutely be traveling as far as it takes to get photographed by her again. She is the greatest photographer that has ever lived, and you can do nothing to change our minds. The Harry Houdini of head shots. The Janet Jackson of JPGs. The Walt Whitman of white balance. The best.

I would seriously give her the night sky. Laurken is everything when it comes to photography, talent, compassion, friendship, and will only add to the most precious moments of your life. She's no stranger- she keeps it real- which is something that we felt we needed in a photographer for our engagement and wedding shots. You'll see yourself in the photographs she takes because they're real, they're love, & they're you.

We were so busy enjoying our guests that the night flew by, and when it was over we noticed that we forgot to experience a lot of the meticulously planned details. And this my friends is where we made the best decision one can make; meet Laurken Kendall. Not only did her pictures capture details of our wedding day that we weren’t able to see, recall or even experience, but they are forever captured in the most beautiful, elegant, organic photos which we proudly have for the rest of time. Laurken was able to immerse herself in our wedding and chronicle our friends, families and the love we share for one another in pictures which are beautifully shot and tell stories of great depth and soul

The moment I found Laurken, I knew I wanted her to document our wedding. We settled the details, but as time went on we realized we wanted our big day a little bit smaller. She was very accommodating and understanding, and tackled the huge task of a courthouse wedding in a way I couldn't even imagine being possible, and with an attitude that matched. We had gotten to know each other in our engagement shoot, and in that short amount of time my husband and I grew so comfortable in front of her camera. It really shines on the photos from our wedding day. She captured such raw emotions from all that were involved. But most importantly through our journey with her, she reminded us how to stop and love again. To scoop each other up in your arms and just "cradle the crap outta that baby" as Laurken would say. The fact that we had such a small wedding means that we tell the story of that day a lot to the family and friends that couldn't be there, without these pictures I don't think I would be able to explain how beautiful our wedding was.

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