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Laurken was the first person I mentored with that I felt like actually gave a shit for if I succeeded in my career (I've done mentor sessions with 3 people and I was about to give up on mentor sessions all together till I took a chance on Laurken). She took the time to answer all of my questions and even set aside extra time to go through my galleries and website to give me some real criticism on how to better my brand and to make myself stand out in my market. She is without a doubt the best investment you can make if you are looking for growth in your creativity and efficiency in your business. Things are running so smoothly since my mentor session with this hot mama. I'd give her my money again in a heart beat!

Hands down, Laurken is the absolute raddest. She’s always been my favorite for so many reasons. She brings a realness to this business that has been absent for so long. Her mentorship no different! I got real talk, real critiques and real advice. None of it was harsh, but all of it was real. All of it meant to inspire me and drive me to find the should I was needing in my business. I’m still learning a lot but use what Laurken took the time to teach me everyday! If you want to further your business and grow as an artist definitely meet up with Laurken. She knows her shit.

I wanted to learn and be apart of a workshop that was going to stretch me, put me out of my comfort zone, be creative, and vulnerable. The inside workshop did that! Going to Laurken's Workshop was the best investment for me personally and for my business. There’s no one like her! She’s such an incredible soul, truly a person you just want to be around. Her personality makes you feel so comfortable and encourages you to be different, laugh and have a great time. Laurken is such a talented artist. Her movement, her stories, her colors, her work is just incredible! I feel that I was able to get out of my typical norm of shooting and test my own vulnerabilities. Her workshop also gave me more confidence in shooting indoor, which is huge! I feel that it was such a privilege and honor to be at her workshop. I can’t wait for the next one I’m able to attend so I can not only hang out with her but watch her talent and learn how she tells stories of real people.

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