I chose this motel because I have a visceral memory of my mother dragging my drunk stepfather out of it after one of their many rows when I was teenager. I remember being distinctly impressed with just how Roadside and Motel it was, even at the ripe age of 15.

My photographs are that- a little of me and a little you and a little of the atmosphere we create together.

Now for some things I love:

All the Art

Music that is decidedly sad (or Im not happy)


Weird light


This is checking of all those boxes.

I loved making these photographs with Danielle and Nathan. They are both incredibly interesting humans and were so open to whatever creative bug crawled through my brain. They had zero preconceived expectations and participated fully in the symbiotic process that is Creating Emotive Imagery (I hear that in a booming God voice). My lifelong obsession is in creating storylines that are so individual to the various humans I work with that they simply cannot belong to anyone else.

Thats what these are. For, from and with Danielle and Nathan, by me.

Taryn Collins

These are breathtaking. I rarely get stopped in my tracks looking through images but I did multiple time looking through this set. You have such a unique ability to see images that have not yet been captured. forever an inspiration.

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I’m forever amazed by how you facilitate and then capture such real humane experiences!! These are stunning.

Coming from you, that is the best compliment ever. Thank you thank you thank you

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