Backyard Berkeley Wedding //Lauren+Andrew

They have a tree growing out of their house.

Lauren and Andrew had the most intentional, intimate backyard Berkeley wedding in the home they bought and spent lockdown renovating together. They put emphasis on home, family, friends and their two dogs that they treat like children.

What I most appreciated about creating these photographs with Lauren and Andrew is that they trusted so fully in my process (wedding photography is a symbiosis after all) which allowed me full freedom to document their wedding through the lens of what attracted my eye about their life. Trust is something that is so critical in this line of work and I always tell all of my incoming clients that if they want the feelings that attracted them to my work then they need to lean into the process with me, arms wide open and let me fully be their eyes on the day.

If you are someone here looking for wedding photography, know that this process is co-created. Its a trust fall AND a collaboration. I don’t think that two weddings should ever look the same (because no two relatioships are) and take steps to know my subjects as much as possible so that the photographs reflect their individuality as much as possible. This work is incredibly meaningful to everyone and involved, and to humanity as whole. Photographs are history, and its important that we portray that as honestly as possible.

I hope you enjoy this photo story of Lauren and Andrews meaningful backyard Berkeley wedding.

Beauty by Lase

Catering: Lucia’s

Her: Sophie Et Voila

Him: Issesy Miyake

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