I will never EVER stop loving in home couples sessions. Like ever. My creative soul cries for them when I go to long without shooting one.They are the thing I love photographing most.

I feel like I’m constantly saying this but I LOVE THESE PEOPLE. Generous is a word I am fortunate enough to use with a lot of my couples, but Hailey would literally give the shirt off of her back to anyone who needed it. I also photographed their wedding, and the kindness and magnanimity she exuded to the people in her life, even on HER day, touched me to my soul. She is a literal angel on earth.

Like most of my couples, Hailes and Tay reside states away and therefore we were never going to get to physically be together until their wedding day. Then Hailey decided to come mentor with me (she’s an incredible storyteller in her own right) which allowed us a quick in home session.


While I normally advocate to shoot these types of couples sessions in people’s ACTUAL homes- the places where all the love and fighting occur- a small corner of this airbnb worked out fine. The room was the blank page, the words were their chemistry and comfort together. The story was beautiful. The background really doesn’t matter, in the end.

I also have to say-  Tay is such an emotionally available human- he walks around with his heart bared for all to see and cries freely when something ignites his soul, which Hailey does frequently. I loved loved loved getting to be with these two. Photographing them was not even something that can be called work. It was a pleasure and an honor. I love you H+T.

Black is white is life rn.


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